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The Ultimate Guide to Rental Property Accounting 2023 Edition

We've pulled everything you need to know about real estate accounting & tax prep into one convenient source for you.
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Building a Real Estate Portfolio in a Recession (Webinar)

Azibo CEO Chris Hsu hosted real estate entrepreneur, investor, developer, mentor and coach Greg Dickerson to share how he went from a Ship Serviceman in the U.S. Navy to become an entrepreneur with over $250 million in real estate transactions.
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Making Sense of the COVID-19 Economy with BiggerPockets' J Scott (Webinar)

Azibo CEO Chris Hsu brought on entrepreneur, author, real estate investor and BiggerPockets Business Podcast host J Scott to make sense of the current economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and how real estate investors can adjust their strategies to thrive in this economic cycle.
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How To Protect Your Real Estate Assets During COVID-19 (Webinar)

Azibo CEO Chris Hsu hosted The Real Estate Investor's Lawyer Jeffrey Lerman to discuss how to protect your real estate assets during an economic downturn.
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How Landlords Can Manage Eviction Freezes During COVID-19 (Webinar)

Zibo CEO Chris Hsu hosted real estate CPA Eric Wallace and tax attorney Matthew Rappaport, Vice Managing Partner at Falcon Rappaport & Berkman PLLC to discuss updates to federal stimulus programs, eviction freezes and tax strategies to help landlords increase cash flow.
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Tax Strategies and Opportunities for Landlords During COVID-19 (Webinar)

Azibo CEO Chris Hsu hosted Brandon Hall, CEO of The Real Estate CPA and Warren Dazzio, Executive Vice President of Cost Segregation Services, Inc. to discuss the most recent updates to federal stimulus programs, tax strategies to help landlords increase cash flow and advice on loan forbearance.
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Helping Landlords Navigate the Impact of COVID-19 (Webinar Series)

As the current health crisis takes its toll on the economy, independent landlords across the U.S. are wondering how they’ll make their next mortgage payment and navigate this uncertain time.
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6 Tips to Make More Money on Your Rental Property

Download our free ebook to learn practical strategies to maximize your real estate investment
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Podcast: From the Army to Entrepreneurship with Azibo CEO Chris Hsu

Listen to the Mission Daily podcast to hear Chris share his experience going from West Point to military service to the business world
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3 Founders, 1 Vision: Why We're Bringing FinTech to Landlords

Chris Hsu teamed up with co-founders Gregor Watson and Rob Bloemker to create a business that would revolutionize the financial services experience for independent landlords—solving the very challenges he faced as a landlord himself.
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