Brittany Eastwood on Achieving Real Estate Excellence

 Post by Azibo Team on October 26, 2022

Brittany is known for her entrepreneurial spirit and results-driven marketing techniques. Her hard work, ethics, diligence, and impressive marketing strategy have helped her to make a name for herself in the highly competitive real estate market of coastal Orange County.

We asked Brittany a few questions about what it took for her to become a successful real estate entrepreneur and what advice she would give to others currently in real estate or just getting started:

How did you get into this field of work?

Straight out of high school I worked for a Fortune 500 company buying and selling vacant land. I quickly was promoted multiple times and started traveling the country with the company learning about real estate. I then got licensed in residential real estate and became a micro-influencer on social media which has now been my niche in how I get clients.

What is your favorite part about what you do?

I love guiding and helping people. So to be able to help people navigate through their largest purchase or sale is rewarding.

What is a common myth about your job or industry?

That it’s easy and deals are done quickly. What they show on shows is far from how it works. There are so many moving parts and multiple hurdles to overcome to actually close deals. Some people get into real estate as a side business but it takes commitment and consistency to succeed.

What do you wish you had known when you started? 

Not to take things personally. This is business. Stay clear-minded and level-headed even in excitement and hardships. I wish I would have known to get a mentor from day one.  I have always been one to figure things out no matter the task. So I put in a lot of leg work that I didn't need to do. Real estate isn’t about reinventing the wheel. There is no magical solution. It’s all about personal skills and building a reputation for yourself.  

What is the most important trait that rental property owners need?

Problem solvers and doers. Also, realize they are dealing with humans and not just contracts. They have to consider how their clients are feeling as well.

What is a mistake that first-time home buyers make? How can they overcome it?

First-time home buyers start to look before they even qualify. It can be exciting to start looking for a home. But know your buying power before you start searching. Realistic expectations get you to the finish line. 

What do you think the real estate industry will look like in five years?

That is something no one knows. There are too many variables to consider. I think that having a trusted agent will be key in any market though. No matter if it's a buyer’s, seller’s, or neutral market. 

What would you advise first-time home buyers?

Do not hire someone because they are related. Really vet a person who you connect with and you can fully trust. Make sure to use a lender who will take the time to help guide you through the process.

Can you share your top three book recommendations for our audience?

My books are for any human. I think if you can figure out the possibility we all hold within, you will be successful in every area of your life. 

My top are: any book by Dr. Joe Dispenza, The Louder Song by Sampson, and The Secret by Rhonda Bryne.

Where can our audience find you online?

Find all of my links at Also visit my homepage at

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