How Landlords Can Collect Rent Payments on Time, Every Time

Find out how rental property owners can ensure timely rent payments with these 3 tips.
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8 Tips for Building a Profitable Rental Property Portfolio

Learn what first-time rental property buyers need to know before taking the leap into rental property investment.
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How to Sign Up for Renters Insurance through Azibo

Even if your landlord doesn't require it, consider signing up for renters insurance to protect you and your belongings in case of an accident.
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Why Landlords Should Consider Requiring Renters Insurance With Azibo

While no one can predict accidents, one way of minimizing risk is to require renters insurance.
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Introducing Financial Reporting for Landlords on Azibo

Learn how Azibo provides comprehensive insights into the financial performance of your rental properties.
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5 Tips for First-Time Real Estate Investors

Interested in investment properties but not sure where to start? Here's how to lay a solid foundation for real estate investing.
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Net Operating Income for Real Estate Investors: Why Does It Matter?

This key metric can help real estate investors make informed decisions and maximize their portfolio income.
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5 Tax Tips Every Landlord Should Know

Learn how to navigate tax season and make the most of your rental property investment.
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Streamline Your Short-term Rental Property Finances with Azibo

Ready to simplify how you manage short-term rental property finances across your portfolio? Learn how Azibo’s comprehensive platform provides property owners with the organization, tools, and know-how needed to manage the financial health of their business — hassle-free.
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