How to Build Positive Landlord-Tenant Relationships

Learn how rental property owners can establish strong landlord-tenant relationships, from clear communication to proactive maintenance.
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9 Creative Ways to Use Azibo for Rent Collection

While many landlords use Azibo for residential real estate, you can also use it to collect rent on office space, restaurants, hair salons, storage units, and more.
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Becoming a Section 8 Landlord: Pros and Cons

While becoming a Section 8 landlord may not be a good fit for every real estate investor, it does have many advantages — and you’d be helping people in need.
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Can't Afford Rent? Here's What to Do

Learn 8 strategies to help when you can't afford rent — from landlord communication to partial rent payments to community resources.
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5 Real Estate Financial Mistakes That Investors Should Avoid

With proper research and budgeting, investors can minimize real estate financial mistakes to maximize profits.
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5 Tips for Finding a Reliable Roommate

Find out the benefits of living with other people and best practices for finding a reliable roommate before signing a lease.
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8 Types of Rental Property Loans for Real Estate Investors

Our partner Kiavi shares some of the popular financing options available to rental property owners.
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4 Benefits of Buying a Rental Property

Learn what the real estate investment market looks like today and the top reasons you should consider buying a rental property.
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Here’s Why Landlords Should Consider Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance provides additional liability coverage to help protect you and your rental properties.
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