Is Azibo Really Free for Landlords?

 Post by Azibo Team on November 10, 2020

In short, yes! In this blog post, we share the answer to one of the most common questions we receive from landlords.

Azibo is a one-stop-shop of all of a landlord’s financial services needs. Our integrated platform provides free tools for rental property owners, including bankingrent collection, security deposit management, expense management and Schedule E classification, bill pay, insurancemortgages, and more. This enables landlords to manage their entire rental business in one platform, with one login — for free. 

Azibo’s state-of-the-art security protections will give you peace of mind while keeping your data and transactions safe. In fact, Azibo is built on the same secure payments platform used by top brands like Amazon, DocuSign, and Lyft.

And yes, it really is free! 

One of the most common questions we get from landlords is, “How can Azibo offer all of this for free? It sounds too good to be true!”

Our mission at Azibo is to level the playing field for independent landlords who are up against institutional investors with access to more resources. That’s why we provide free financial tools to help landlords save time, stay organized, and grow their business. 

So rather than charging fees like traditional banks and software companies, Azibo makes money in other ways in order to provide our platform and tools at no cost to landlords. 

Here are the primary ways that Azibo makes money: 

1. We earn interest on cash balances.

Like most banks, we earn interest on cash deposits in Azibo bank accounts. However, unlike traditional banks, Azibo gives back most of that interest by enabling landlords to earn 3.75X the national average interest rate on their cash with a Azibo bank account. We also have zero monthly or hidden fees and no minimum balance requirements for our bank accounts.  

2. We take a small convenience fee on debit and credit card transactions. 

Azibo provides flexible online payment options for landlords to pay bills and tenants to pay rent. You can make payments through Azibo for free using an ACH bank transfer. Or, if you or your renter wants to pay using a credit or debit card, Azibo charges a small convenience fee (2.99%) on the transaction. 

3. We earn commissions when you buy products from our partners.

Azibo provides landlords with free access to competitive loans and insurance while helping to simplify the application process and increase transparency for both. We make a commission if you use Azibo to buy products from our insurance, lending, or other companies we've partnered with through the Azibo Marketplace, which offers exclusive offers for real estate services like property management, tenant screening, rent reporting, and more. 

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