Azibo Launches Insurance Services to Provide Transparency and Choice to Independent Landlords

 Post by Azibo Team on September 17, 2020

Azibo, the one-stop-shop for landlord financial services, today launched Insurance Services to help independent landlords get the right insurance coverage at the right price.

Azibo, the one-stop-shop for landlord financial services, today launched Insurance Services to help independent landlords get the right insurance coverage at the right price. 

The process for buying property insurance today is opaque and complex; as a result, many independent landlords don’t understand their terms or whether they have the coverage they need. Landlords with large portfolios have an especially hard time managing multiple carriers, policies and payments across property lines and portfolio types. 

Commercial property insurance policies are notoriously lengthy, full of financial jargon and legalese that landlords don’t have time to read because they’re focused on closing the deal. Here’s how one landlord explained his experience: 

“My insurance broker told me there were two options and recommended the most expensive one because it gave the best coverage. I needed to get my deal closed so I went with his recommendation and haven’t had time to revisit it.” 

Sound familiar? 

At the same time, institutional real estate investors benefit from insurance consortiums that give them access to lower rates and increased efficiency. This creates an unfair advantage for large investors and makes it difficult for independent landlords to be competitive. 

Clearly, there’s an opportunity to improve the insurance experience for independent rental property owners. 

The Azibo solution

With the launch of Insurance Services, Zibo is now the only national online commercial insurance platform focused solely on independent landlords. Our goal is to help landlords understand their current coverage and find ways to optimize it by reducing payments, streamlining policies, and ensuring they’re not over- or under-insured. By increasing transparency and choice throughout the insurance-buying process, landlords will be able to easily compare terms and choose a policy that’s right for their business.

“We want to level the playing field for independent landlords by providing access to top brokers and carriers across geographies and rental property types,” said Zibo CEO & Co-Founder Chris Hsu. “Zibo’s white-glove approach to insurance will help landlords optimize their coverage and get closer to achieving the ever-elusive passive income.” 

Because Zibo offers a range of other services, including online rent collectionbanking and payments, expense management, and more, we have a deep understanding of the unique financial challenges that landlords face every day. 

Ready to optimize your insurance coverage?

Landlords who are looking to refinance, buy insurance for a new rental property, or optimize their portfolio’s existing coverage can benefit from Azibo Insurance Services

To get started, simply complete this form with basic information about your properties and a Zibo representative will reach out within one business day. 

Our team will then provide a free assessment and customized quotes, helping you understand the terms that matter most and facilitating the entire process so you get a better price, carrier or coverage. 

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