Get an advance on your rental income

Get up to 1 year's of rental income in as fast as 2 days with no application or closing costs
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How it works


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Fill out a loan request form and provide additional documents if required.


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Get approved for up to 1 year's of rental income.


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Receive loan proceeds into an Azibo bank account and automatically pay back the loan in equal installments.

No application or 
closing costs

Funds in as fast 
as 2 days

No credit check for existing customers

Other Lending Products
Funds in as fast as 2 days
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Approval and access to funds take >7 days
No application or closing costs
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Closing costs of 0.5-1.0% of loan amount
No credit check (for existing customers)
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Credit check required before funds released
Free rent collection platform and access to  insurance and other mortgage products
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