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Azibo’s rent payment platform provides autopay, reminders and late fees to automate rent collection.

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Azibo is built for landlords

Transaction limits
No transaction limits
Transaction limits
Transaction fees
Free for landlords
Up to 2.99% per transaction
Late fees
Automated late fees
No automated late fees
Autopay for tenants
No automation
Tax prep
Schedule E tax reporting
Integrated bookkeeping
Landlord-specific bookkeeping
Landlord bank account
Dedicated landlord bank account

Azibo’s online rent payment platform saves you time and hassle each month

Automatic reminders and payment receipts

Fast deposit times within 3 business days

Autopay feature for tenants

Payment tracking and reporting

Payment flexibility (ACH, credit or debit card)

Autopay feature for tenants

Azibo helps you drive tenant satisfaction and retention

Credit Boost

Enroll in Credit Boost and Azibo reports on-time rent payments to the major credit bureaus.

Payment flexibility

Pay by ACH, credit or debit card.


Make sure payments are always on time with autopay.

Partial payments

Option to allow tenants to make partial payments.

Integrated renters' insurance

Get a quote and purchase a policy within minutes.

Online convenience

Easily pay online from any device - say goodbye to paper checks!

Safe and secure


Your landlord signs up for Azibo and invites you to create a free Azibo account.

Charter Bank Partner

Choose a payment method — either link your bank account or add a credit or debit card.

Data & Privacy Protection

Schedule one-time or recurring rent payments, and never worry about late fees again!

Your personal information is encrypted with 256-bit, bank-level SSL encryption. Azibo is built on the same secure payments platform used by Amazon, DocuSign, and Lyft.

Landlords love Azibo

Trusted by companies around the world

“Absolute essential for real estate investors/ pros in 2023!”

What impressed me the most is Azibo's absolute respect for precious time. the fact gathering phase and quote phase was the best I've seen in decades. i got an insurance product that i needed even thought i couldn't really articulate.

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Bradford Johnson

“Azibo has made rent collection far easier than we imagined”

Easy rent collection (finally). People make rent payments more timely now and we don't have to chase delinquencies. Cameron & Kim in customer service have been exceptionally helpful. Wish we would have met Azibo a long time ago.

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Zia Management, Vista, CA

“Azibo is a very user-friendly application to use.”

When I was setting up accounts, properties, and tenants and I had questions, customer service team was very prompt on their answers either on phone or email. They are very knowledgeable in the application and business and friendly. That is a 5-star service.

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Hyne Rental

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