Accounting purposely built for real estate

Save time, save money, and simplify tax preparation with free accounting software purpose built for real estate, integrated into a complete property management system.

✅ Easily generate reports by property
✅ Out of the box chart of accounts for real estate
✅ Real estate specific reports such as Schedule E

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Real estate accounting as easy as

Property owners report automating up to 90% of their real estate accounting with Azibo Accounting.

Automatically import your bank and credit card transactions. You can also manually add transactions and journal entries.

Assign transactions to properties and categorize them with our real estate specific chart of accounts. Set up rules to automatically categorize recurring transactions.

Regularly review essential financial reports to understand your business and gear up for tax season.

A comprehensive suite of financial statements

✅ Easily generate the essential financial and tax reports for your rental property business
✅ Customize reports by property, portfolio, and date range
✅ Export reports fully formatted to Excel for easy distribution

Always monitor the financial health of your business through six essential reports, each crucial for understanding your current standing. All transactions recorded in the bookkeeping tool automatically update these reports.

Additionally, you can customize each report by filtering according to specific properties or a combination of properties you select.

Profit and loss icon

Profit and loss

Detailed breakdown of income and expenses, net operating income, and net income.

Statement of cash flows

Detailed accounting of changes in cash across operations, investments, and financings.

Balance sheet icon

Balance sheet

Table with a summary of assets, liabilities, and equities of properties.

A purple clipboard illustration

Capital expenditures

List of capital expenditures for use in calculating depreciation for your taxes.

General ledger

A complete record of all the accounting entries that are feeding into your reports.

A purple sheet of paper with an upwards trending graph in the center

Schedule E

Tax form used to report any income or loss that you have incurred from rental real estate.

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Invite your accountant to Azibo

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Invite your accountant or bookkeeper to work with you in your Azibo account so they can do your bookkeeping, prepare your financial reports, and access the data they need to do your taxes.

Azibo vs Quickbooks

Say goodbye to generic accounting software and hello to a dedicated rental accounting product designed specifically for property owners.

Azibo logo
Quickbooks logo
Report on a property basis

Real estate investors need to report by property. Azibo is designed out of the box to generate reports by property, portfolio of properties, or in aggregate.
Quickbooks is designed to report on one operating entity holistically. Reporting by property requires lots of gymnastics or an extermely expensive plan.
Real estate specific chart of accounts
Azibo Accounting has a real estate specific chart of accounts ready to use out of the box, created by Azibo in collaboration with leading real estate accountants.
You’ll need to set up your own chart of accounts in Quickbooks, and make sure it’s set up in a way to enable you to report by property.
Reports designed for real estate
Azibo generates real-estate specific reports such as a Schedule E tax form and a Schedule of Cap Ex. Additionally, Azibo’s P&L’s calculate Net Operating Income for real estate specifically.
Quickbooks’ reports are generic to operating small businesses and not tailored for real estate. They do not have a Schedule E nor a Schedule of Cap Ex.
Tax prep designed for real estate
Azibo generates a Schedule E tax form for you to get a jump start on your taxes. You can easily include or exclude specific transactions on your Schedule E, and Azibo’s chart of accounts defaults inclusion or exclusion into the Schedule E based on the most common treatment of that account.
Quickbooks does not have any tax prep or real estate specific tax prep features.
Free automated rent collection
Azibo offers automated rent collection with payments and invoicing designed for real estate, for free to property owners and without any ACH transaction fees to owners or renters.
Quickbooks charges the property owner / manager 1% on ACH payments and 2.99% on card.
Collaborate with your accountant
Azibo will let you share access with your accountant for $8.25/month.
Quickbooks supports sharing with your accountant.
Affordable cost
Azibo Accounting is completely FREE for property owners, and sharing with your accountant only costs $8.25/month.
Quickbooks has different costs for different plans, with the plan that works best for real estate costing at least $90/ month.
Report on a property basis

Azibo has additional, fully integrated features to make your life easier such as applications, tenant screening, leases, eSign, document management, maintenance tracking, and banking built for real estate owners.
Quickbooks does not have any property management capabilities.

*Seat subscriptions are billed annually at $99/year.

Built in partnership with Hall CPA PLLC

Azibo joined forces with Brandon Hall (known as The Real Estate CPA) to improve the rental property bookkeeping experience for independent property owners. Together, we built a rental property accounting software solution from the ground up to help property owners ensure compliance, save money and time, and eliminate common tax errors.

Brandon Hall headshot
Brandon Hall headshot

What Azibo users have to say

I, myself, love the bookkeeping feature! I finally got all of my transactions synchronized and organized in time before my tax deadline. Azibo also offered multiple reports to be created so I can provide them all to my tax accountant. It made filing my business tax return very easy! Thank you!!!

KSI Holding Company LLC

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