About Azibo

We envision a world where anyone can achieve financial flexibility through rental property ownership. We use technology to simplify and enhance our users’ experience of managing and growing their real estate investments.

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A few of our milestones

We’re proud to partner with top investors across PropTech and FinTech to fundamentally improve the financial services experience for rental property owners, renters, property managers, and vendors.

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Rental Units

Units managed on Azibo


Credit Boost

Positive reports made to credit bureaus to help renters build credit


Capital Raised

Azibo has raised $37M from notable investors including Khosla, Canaan, QED, Camber Creek, RET, and Liberty Mutual



Dollars in financial transactions successfully processed on the Azibo platform

What drives us at Azibo

Obsess over customer impact

Everything we do provides value - or we stop doing it. We assess and then pivot if we’re not hitting the mark.

Default to transparency

We share hard truths and real data.

Be bold (but not careless)

We move quickly and take calculated risks, while always being mindful that some mistakes are too costly to make.

Be flexible

We encourage respectful debate, diverse perspectives, creative solutions and keeping an open mind.

Run towards problems

Don’t let the challenge stop you from moving forward. Go find the answers.

1+1 = 3

As individuals we have strengths; together we excel beyond our limits.

Our bar is high

Strong performers, bright minds, high integrity, solid human beings.

The amazing humans behind our company

Associate Product Manager

San Francisco, CA

Software Engineer

Redwood City, CA

Chairman & Co-Founder

San Mateo, California

Senior Manager, Sales & General Manager, Insurance

Reno, NV

Manager, SEO & Content

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Senior Product Manager

San Jose, CA

Data Analyst

Oakland, CA

Director of Engineering

Pasadena, CA

Product Designer

San Jose, CA

Freelance Writer

Providence, RI

Chief Technology Officer

Reno, NV