Create custom lease agreements, fast

In just minutes, fill in the tenants details and generate a legally binding state specific lease. Send via eSign and receive real-time status updates on progress.

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No need for expensive lawyers

Our lease database offers fully customizable leases taking into account legal differences across all 50 states. Our tool walks you through building your custom lease step by step:

Getting started

Begin by completing the lease details, including the leasing period, tenant information, rent amount, security deposit, and any additional terms specific to the lease.

Add specific scenarios

Include clauses for pets and smoking, address storage and utilities, and cover unique tax scenarios. Additionally, incorporate state-specific addendums, such as those for lead and bed-bugs, among others.

Auto fill documents

Azibo automatically creates your legally-binding lease, pre-filled with your details and all essential state-specific clauses. From there, simply send it through eSign, and you're all set.

Stay organized with e-signatures and online storage

Send via eSign and receive real-time status updates on progress. Once signed, you can view all your Azibo leases in one place and be ready when it’s time for renewals.

Already part of an association?

Azibo partners with property owner associations across the country to enhance the experience for their members. Sign up with your association information and easily access all your associations’ documents, build a lease using them, and get it eSigned - all through Azibo.

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Azibo offers everything you need to manage your rental properties.
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I love the fact that it’s automated and you can pretty much set it and forget it until it’s time to renew the lease.
Jua Mcmillan
May 2023
Photo of Azibo's customer - Jua Mcmillan