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Make sure your rental rates are keeping up with the latest market trends. Just share a few details and we'll shoot over a free, detailed rent report based on properties in your area.

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Rent estimate calculator

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Find the right price for your property

With our rent estimation tool, we’ll pull relevant market data related to your property. We’ll send you a report detailing the high, median and low price for similar properties in the area to keep you informed on the latest trends.

The ultimate tool for landlords and property managers

Use the estimated rent range to help inform your decision-making about the property, such as setting rental rates or determining the potential profitability of a purchase.

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Maximize your investment return

Find the sweet spot to price your rental property

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Keep a pulse on the market

Gain insight into the values of similar, nearby properties

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Attract the right tenants

Ensure your rental property is priced to attract the right applicants


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What information is included in the summary report?

The summary report details: average, median, minimum, maximum, and 25th / 75th percentile pricing ranges for similar, nearby properties.

How can I receive a Pro Report?

For new Azibo customers, click the signup link in the email of the property summary report you’d like to receive more details about. From there, complete Azibo account onboarding and add the property to your account. Once completed, we’ll send your pro report to the email address associated with your new account!

How can I request Pro Reports for other properties?

Currently, Pro Reports are only available for new signups. However, we are looking to quickly make Pro Reports available within the application so that you can receive comprehensive market information about all of the properties in your portfolio.