Efficiently track maintenance requests and messages

Azibo Maintenance and Messaging helps you stay organized, resolve maintenance requests faster, and keep tenants happy by centralizing everything in one place.

Tenants can easily submit maintenance requests and contact you

Your tenants can quickly submit maintenance tickets from their phone or computer when they see a problem. They can upload photos, add detailed descriptions, and send in-app messages.

Track maintenance tickets and messages without the stress

Our dedicated and secure messaging portal helps centralize all your tenant communications, which means you only need to keep track of one channel instead of being scattered across text messages, emails, and phone calls.

Resolve issues faster and keep tenants in the loop

Prevent communication bottlenecks with seamless appointment scheduling, in-app messaging, real-time status updates, and automatic reminders for both parties. More visibility into the resolution process means more satisfied tenants.

Have peace of mind with a comprehensive conversation record

Our built-in maintenance tracker and unified communication history saves every conversation and request in your account in case you need it.

How Maintenance Works

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Your tenant creates a detailed maintenance request. We notify both parties when a request is submitted. You can adjust tenant messaging and request permissions at any time.
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Schedule a time for repair, update the maintenance request status, and start an in-app chat with your tenant if you need more details. 
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We’ll send automatic reminders when any message is unread for 48 hours so that nothing gets left behind.
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Once you resolve the issue, mark the request as “complete” to close the ticket.

Landlords love Azibo

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Five yellow stars

“Absolute essential for real estate investors/ pros in 2023!”

What impressed me the most is Azibo's absolute respect for precious time. the fact gathering phase and quote phase was the best I've seen in decades. i got an insurance product that i needed even thought i couldn't really articulate.

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Bradford Johnson

“Azibo has made rent collection far easier than we imagined”

Easy rent collection (finally). People make rent payments more timely now and we don't have to chase delinquencies. Cameron & Kim in customer service have been exceptionally helpful. Wish we would have met Azibo a long time ago.

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Zia Management, Vista, CA

“Azibo is a very user-friendly application to use.”

When I was setting up accounts, properties, and tenants and I had questions, customer service team was very prompt on their answers either on phone or email. They are very knowledgeable in the application and business and friendly. That is a 5-star service.

Andy Smith - Softech X Webflow Template
Five yellow stars
Hyne Rental
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