Efficiently track maintenance requests and messages

Azibo Maintenance and Messaging helps you stay organized, resolve maintenance requests faster, and keep tenants happy by centralizing everything in one place.

Tenants can easily submit maintenance requests and contact you

Your tenants can quickly submit maintenance tickets from their phone or computer when they see a problem. They can upload photos, add detailed descriptions, and send in-app messages.

Track maintenance tickets and messages without the stress

Our dedicated and secure messaging portal helps centralize all your tenant communications, which means you only need to keep track of one channel instead of being scattered across text messages, emails, and phone calls.

Resolve issues faster and keep tenants in the loop

Prevent communication bottlenecks with seamless appointment scheduling, in-app messaging, real-time status updates, and automatic reminders for both parties. More visibility into the resolution process means more satisfied tenants.

Have peace of mind with a comprehensive conversation record

Our built-in maintenance tracker and unified communication history saves every conversation and request in your account in case you need it.

How Maintenance Works

A purple wrench
Your tenant creates a detailed maintenance request. We notify both parties when a request is submitted. You can adjust tenant messaging and request permissions at any time.
A purple cartoon of a calendar
Schedule a time for repair, update the maintenance request status, and start an in-app chat with your tenant if you need more details. 
A purple arrow illustration
We’ll send automatic reminders when any message is unread for 48 hours so that nothing gets left behind.
A cartoon purple circle with a checkmark in the center
Once you resolve the issue, mark the request as “complete” to close the ticket.

“Does exactly what I wanted and more! It's getting even better seeing how much they are growing since the beginning. Adding more useful features that I will planned to use one day soon. Very good platform for landlords.”


March 2024

“I love the ease of use, the fact that it's constantly improving, and the straight forward approach to rental property management.”

Yevgeniy Rozinskiy

March 2024

“Azibo has given us a really great way to not only streamline rent collection but at glance be able to tell where our vacancies are and create a way for us to collect rent that’s safe and secure and keeps everything organized.”

Julia Moluf

Best Buddies Living

March 2024

“The platform has matured nicely overtime.It offers a great service to landlords from rent collection to billing for ancillary items as they crop up. Tenants love the easy access and phone notification for payments. I highly recommend Azibo!!!”


February 2024

“We really like the feature where the renter can pay by credit card. We are in the business of helping people and some people don’t have the greatest credit and being able to offer them the opportunity to use their rent as a credit builder is one of the features we really like.”

Camilia Winter

February 2024

“I am using Azibo for several years as I find them to be the most flexible, the most adopting, and with the best carrying customer support. The company is constantly growing and adding new features. Receiving rent is fast and free, setting up leases is easy.”


December 2023

“Automated rent collection- provides reminders to tenants …and free. What’s not to like?”


November 2023

Photo of Azibo's customer - Steven Toth

“Azibo saves me 5-9 hours per month. When I have tenants paying on different days it makes it way more difficult to track. But now I just log into Azibo a few times per month, make sure my transactions are all set correctly, then I’m done. It really saves me a lot of time.”

Steven Toth

May 2023

Photo of Azibo's customer - Andrew Winter

"Before Azibo, I was taking payments on Cash App, Venmo, PayPal, and checks. Now Azibo is the one source of truth for all payments, which makes things easier."

Andrew Winter

May 2023

Photo of Azibo's customer - Jua Mcmillan

“I love the fact that it’s automated and you can pretty much set it and forget it until it’s time to renew the lease.”

Jua Mcmillan

May 2023

“I am relatively new to real estate investing. Currently holding two rental properties. Having Azibo is a real asset. Everything is organized and easy to access. My tenants also like the ease of paying their rent online. Thank you for everything Azibo team.”

Nick A

November 2023

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