Free online rent collection

Managing properties is difficult and expensive - rent collection doesn’t have to be. Azibo offers multiple free payment options & automated tools to make online rent collection effortless.

✅ Zero transaction fees
✅ No transaction limits
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Free online rent collection

Rent collection built for property owners

The more tenants you have, the more you need to be flexible with rent collection, but we've got you covered from multiple payment methods, to automated accounting.

Allow flexibility in payments: Collect rent through  methods tenants prefer - from ACH / bank transfer, Cash App, cash, or credit & debit. Tenants can enable autopay, ensuring automatic rent collection.

Deposits directly into your bank account: Rent will be deposited into your bank account - with no limit to the amount of bank accounts you can link. Payouts will be as fast as 2 business days - for free.

Automatic bank deposits and bookkeeping: Rent payments can be automatically tagged & categorized flowing directly through to your reporting - making financial management a breeze.

Rent collection for property owners
Automatically handle rent payments

Rent payments on auto-pilot

Rent collection doesn’t always work out how you want it to, but we offer tools to ensure your time is spent on building a business, not managing rent collection.

Automated communication: Tenants receive automatic reminders when rent is due, and when rent is late. No need to text renters, or remind them. From the e-mail, they can pay their rent in just a few simple clicks.

Real-time payment statuses: Our dashboard offers a one-stop solution for seeing who has paid rent, who hasn’t, and who has made partial payments.

Late fees: To discourage late rent payments, you can choose to add a late fee each month. These fees will automatically be added once rent is late - no awkward conversations needed.

Partial payment blocking: A common way for tenants to avoid eviction is with partial payments. With Azibo, you can choose to block partial payments - ensuring if an eviction does happen, you are protected from a common strategy to avoid one.

Azibo is rent collection built for property owners

Accepting rent through Venmo can seem like an easy solution, and one often requested by tenants.  However, what might seem like a simple solution can open you up to issues with rent collection and cause additional work down the road.

See more about how Azibo stacks up against Venmo and other competitors by visiting our competitors page.

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Automatic payments
Tenants can easily set up autopay
No ability to setup autopay
Cost of rent collection
Free for landlords and tenants
Up to 2.99% per transaction
Late fees
Automated late fee collection
No automated late fees
Reminders & notifications
Due date and late payment reminders
No autopay, no reminders
Partial payment blocking
Option to block partial payments
No ability to block payments

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