Best Real Estate Investing Blogs: Our Top 18 Picks

Discover some of the top real estate investing blogs run by real estate investors and industry groups who provide tips and insights. Following these blogs can help aspiring investors avoid costly mistakes and accelerate their learning by leveraging the knowledge and experience of experts in the field.

Nichole Stohler
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February 21, 2024
Best Real Estate Investing Blogs: Our Top 18 Picks

If you're interested in real estate investing, you've come to the right place. Buying rental properties or flipping houses can be an exciting way to build wealth, but it's not always easy, especially when you're just starting out. That's where real estate investing blogs can help!

We'll share our top picks for the leading real estate investing blogs that provide valuable tips, insights, and advice. Seasoned investors and industry organizations who have been there and done that run these blogs. They know the ins and outs of the real estate game and share helpful knowledge.

From time-tested rental property strategies to the latest flipping techniques, these blogs will give you the information you need to make smart investment decisions. We'll explain what makes each blog great so you know where to look to take your real estate investing career to the next level.

Ready to up your real estate investing knowledge? Let's check out the best real estate investing blogs!

The 18 best real estate blogs

In the age of the internet, a real estate investing blog has become a valuable resource for learning strategies from experienced investors. But with the sheer number of blogs out there, the process of trying to identify truly helpful ones can be overwhelming.

To take some of the weight off of your shoulders, we present to you the best real estate investing blogs based on the quality and usefulness of their content:

1. Azibo

Why it stands out: This property management software company's blog offers practical, real-world advice on property management and investment, making complex topics accessible to investors at all levels.

The Azibo blog is like a friend in the real estate world, offering insights and advice on navigating the landscape of property investment and management. It covers topics such as the nuances of tenant rights, optimizing property management, analyzing real estate markets, and the details of real estate taxes.

If you find yourself puzzled over things like maintenance checklists or landlord insurance rules, you can rely on Azibo for sound advice, no matter your experience level in real estate. This blog gives practical recommendations that cut through jargon and make concepts clear and actionable.

Approachable and knowledgeable, the blog breaks down complex topics into digestible takeaways suited for novices and veterans alike. Investors can pick up smart, profitable pointers for managing rental properties and maintaining good tenant relationships.

2. BiggerPockets

The BiggerPockets blog is a go-to resource for real estate investors of all levels, offering invaluable insights across core and niche strategies. The breadth and depth of content on this site is massive, making it a blog that should be on every investor's radar.

Catering to both newcomers and veterans, the site provides beginners a solid, foundational real estate education. At the same time, it helps advanced investors expand their capabilities into promising new areas like mid-term rentals, mobile home investing, or the latest apartment investing strategies.

Recent articles cover the impact of inflation, squatters rights and fundamentals for generating passive income. BiggerPockets further equips investors through its forums for exchanging ideas, podcasts, and investing tools.

Together these resources deliver consolidated, real-world guidance for making sound real estate decisions.

3. Nic's Guide

Nic's Guide is run by me! I started this real estate blog to share learnings from my years of real estate investing.

Like many, I had some initial hiccups with single-family rentals starting out. But through trial and error, I built up a portfolio including apartments, syndications, and hotels over time.

The site breaks down everything from short-term rental host tips to creative financing options for those acquiring a new building, whether it's their first or their fifth. I share the ideas and tools I wish I had early on with the mindset of helping others avoid common pitfalls and navigate the real estate industry confidently in their own right.

4. Fortune Builders

Fortune Builders is a real estate investment education company that caters to new investors by breaking down key concepts and providing insights from seasoned professionals. Its goal is to guide investors in successfully growing their portfolios.

This real estate blog offers investors continuing education at every stage of their journey. The blog and site also provide a supportive community environment focused on helping investors from diverse backgrounds achieve financial freedom through real estate.

5. SparkRental

SparkRental's blog publishes practical advice, templates, and resources to help rental housing providers boost occupancy, efficiency, and profits by implementing industry best practices.

This landlord blog includes detailed guides to help real estate investors grow their operations. SparkRental also offers an online course for rental property owners looking to systemize their business.

With a focus on scalable solutions, the blog provides landlords with the tools to make property management accessible for mom-and-pop rental owners.

6. National Association of REALTORS blog

The National Association of REALTORS (NAR) is a trade group for real estate agents and brokers across the United States. Their website provides professional guidance and continuing education for its members.

NAR uses real estate technology to generate valuable data reports and forecasts that offer perspectives into housing inventory, prices, and sales trends. If you are looking at investing in real estate, NAR's blog provides these insights to help you better understand the broader real estate economy and market dynamics. Articles cover topics ranging from research reports to color trends, serving as a key resource for realtors, investors, and anyone interested in the real estate industry.

7. Short Term Sage

Short Term Sage is a great resource for hosts seeking to thrive in the short-term rental niche. The blog offers practical ideas and insights to help hosts grow their property into a successful business.

The site provides seasoned advice on critical aspects of running a short-term rental, from furnishing properties and managing day-to-day logistics to providing an exceptional guest experience. The blog shares intelligence gained from experience to help hosts master the fundamentals, increase bookings, delight guests, and maximize profits.

8. Matthews Insights

As a rental property investor, you know detailed market intel is key to smart acquisitions and growth. For those data-driven insights, Matthews should be on your list of real estate blogs. Matthews is a nationwide commercial real estate brokerage firm and their blog offers insights across all sectors like multifamily, retail, and industrial.

Here, you'll find in-depth analysis on national and regional rent trends, occupancy rates, and price forecasts. Expert perspectives and free articles with market data provide actionable intelligence that you can use for your own research. Whether you're targeting properties in primary metros or secondary markets, Matthews has the granular info you need.

9. Clever

Clever's blog offers articles and resources to guide real estate investors through their rental property journey. Supporting Clever's platform for connecting with local agents, the blog's real investing section provides readers with knowledge at every step, from getting started to calculating cap rates.

Investors can explore content for buying and financing rental properties, mastering 1031 exchange rules, analyzing rental incomes and expenses, and even house flipping. From leveraging agent expertise to using proprietary calculators, the blog aims to inform investors in the rental property space.

10. Military to Millionaire

Military to Millionaire is a blog focused on military veterans and spouses seeking financial independence after service. Rather than promoting quick wealth, the site aims to help members build consistent wealth over time through real estate investing.

The blog also provides a supportive community of like-minded veterans pursuing new careers and financial freedom after military life.

11. Rental Housing Journal

The Rental Housing Journal blog is a comprehensive resource for real estate investors and property managers, focusing on various aspects of rental property management.

It stands out by offering a blend of legal advice, management and maintenance tips, investment insights, and the latest news and trends in the rental housing industry. The site also provides guides for landlords on current challenges in the market like fraud and discrimination, making it a valuable blog for rental housing investment and management information.

12. Bay Property Management Group

The Bay Management Group blog offers practical rental property management advice for both landlords and professional property managers. The blog covers best practices on core topics from maintenance and legal issues to maximizing rental income.

Bay also provides guidance on navigating intricate tenant relationships and addressing operational challenges that impact the tenant experience. From HVAC repairs to eviction processes, their blog posts share granular recommendations so readers can hone their property management skills.

The focused blog provides actionable solutions to help you manage properties and tenants. It's useful for those just getting started, as well as more experienced landlords looking to scale up larger portfolios.

13. InvestFourMore

InvestFourMore is a real estate blog with investing guidance rooted in experience. Created by active investor and real estate agent Mark Ferguson, the platform provides education and market insights to help others replicate success in areas like house flipping, rentals, and wholesaling.

Mark contributes property analysis, deal breakdowns, and candid discussions about his wins and his failures. By transparently sharing case studies from his latest projects, his writing provides genuine perspective into navigating the modern real estate market's ups and downs.

14. The Real Estate Guys

With over 1.5 million monthly podcast downloads, The Real Estate Guys, hosted by veterans Robert Helms and Russell Gray, is one of the leading real estate investing education sources. Their blog supplements the show with analysis of market cycles, specialized tips across niches, and curated tools for new investors.

The Real Estate Guys' blog provides objective education rooted in weathering nearly 30 years of rising and falling housing cycles. They share their failures, as well as successes, to help investors realistically assess if various investment strategies align with their risk tolerance and goals.

15. Master Passive Income

Master Passive Income is a blog, podcast, and brand focused on helping people achieve financial independence and passive income, primarily through real estate investing, blogging, and building online businesses. The blog and site are an education platform for learning how to achieve financial freedom through building passive income.

With detailed guides and tutorials, Master Passive Income breaks down complex passive income strategies like real estate investing into achievable steps for regular people.

16. Rocket Mortgage

Rocket Mortgage's blog covers a wide range of financial topics, with a dedicated section for real estate investors. Going beyond Rocket's core online mortgage lending services, this investment content leverages the company's expertise to help both prospective and seasoned investors.

Articles explore popular approaches like fixing and flipping, purchasing tax lien properties, using the buy, rehab, rent, refinance, repeat (BRRRR) method, and buying rental income properties with VA loans. Investors at every level stand to benefit from Rocket Mortgage's in-depth perspectives on today's most effective practices for turning properties into profit.

17. RealWealth Network

RealWealth Network shares practical real estate investing advice for both new and experienced investors.  Drawing from their own decades of experience with rental properties, fix-and-flips, and other alternative real estate investments, the blog provides actionable tips tailored to current real estate market conditions.

This blog covers investing topics like turnkey rentals, Section 8 housing, financing, and syndications in apartment buildings. From optimizing your short-term rental to putting together an investing business plan to overseeing contractors and property managers, blog posts tackle a range of investment property strategies.

18. REtipster

Expert real estate investor Seth Williams offers a boots-on-the-ground perspective, specializing in rural land investing but also sharing insights on traditional rentals, wholesaling, and more niche strategies.

Known for thorough research and walking readers through real-world examples, Williams provides case studies on rural land deals while translating broader real estate principles for application across different investment types. 

Blogs on real estate investing: Finding the right one for you

Real estate blogs like Azibo, BiggerPockets, and others serve as invaluable guides for new investors starting out or experienced investors looking to grow. By passing along practical advice as well as insights on current real estate trends, experts help investors confidently navigate the landscape.

These sites go beyond simply reporting real estate news and trends. They take complex strategies and turn them into understandable lessons. Many sites offer forums and networking opportunities to build community, allowing readers to learn from others' successes and missteps.

While no blog should act as an outright substitute for professional services, the right ones can ready you to have better conversations with real estate agents, lenders, and lawyers.

For anyone pursuing real estate investing, leveraging available blogs and resources can pave the way for your own success. Making the most of expert advice and insights can help you invest confidently.

Real estate investment blogs FAQs

What is the 1% rule in real estate investing?

The 1% rule in real estate investing suggests that a property's monthly rental income should be at least 1% of its total purchase price.

This guideline helps investors assess whether a property has the potential for good returns.

What are the five rules in real estate investing?

The five rules in real estate investing are locating a profitable niche, buying low and selling high, leveraging other people's money through mortgages and partnerships to fund purchases, carefully comparing rental income to expenses, and diversifying properties across different areas and types. 

Following these key rules allows investors to build long-term wealth through real estate.

Is $10,000 enough to invest in real estate?

$10,000 can be enough to invest in real estate, but it might limit your options.

You could consider strategies like buying into real estate investment trusts (REITs), crowdfunding platforms, or partnering with others to pool resources for a down payment on a property.

Nichole Stohler

Nichole co-founded Gateway Private Equity Group, with a history of investments in single-family and multi-family properties, and now a specialization in hotel real estate investments. She is also the creator of, a blog dedicated to real estate investing.

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