Finding the Best Real Estate Podcast: 17 Picks For Real Estate Investors

Discover the top real estate podcasts to stay updated on market trends, investment tips, and expert advice from successful professionals. Our curated list can help you make smarter decisions when buying, selling, or investing in properties.

Nichole Stohler
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February 28, 2024
Finding the Best Real Estate Podcast: 17 Picks For Real Estate Investors

Looking to fast-track your real estate investing success? Eager to pick up practical tactics, whether you're just getting started or already experienced? One of the best ways is by plugging into insider podcasts.

These insider shows help you to shortcut your path by accessing battle-tested perspectives from experts. You get to pick the brains of others who have already been in your shoes, learning from their wins, losses, and lightbulb moments. 

Keeping up with the latest on emerging strategies, market developments, and impactful news helps you stay ahead. The top real estate podcasts fuel your growth at every stage.

So, let's dive into our short list of must-listen shows!

Our list of top real estate podcasts

The world of real estate podcasts spans everything from property management to commercial real estate deals to tax tips. Here are the top shows every investor should check out.

Hacking Real Estate

Azibo's Hacking Real Estate podcast interviews successful investors to help listeners learn strategies and tips to increase their chances of success. Hosted by Azibo's CEO, Vikas Gupta, and The Real Estate CPA, Brandon Hall, the show focuses on relevant ideas for investors. Each episode includes an interview on key topics on all investors' minds and wraps up with three questions to help the audience learn more about the guest.

Recent episodes have included topics such as out-of-state real estate investing, house hacking, and leveraging data to make real estate investing decisions.

Tax Smart REI Podcast

The Tax Smart Real Estate Investing Podcast provides investors with valuable tax planning strategies and advice. The host, Brandon Hall, is a certified public accountant specializing in taxes for rental properties and other real estate investments.

With over 15 years of experience helping real estate investors legally minimize their tax bills, Brandon taps into his extensive knowledge and network of contacts to break down creative tax reduction tactics. He hosts insightful conversations with other CPAs, attorneys, and seasoned real estate investors who share their tax-savvy ideas.

Real estate investors who listen to this podcast can pick up new tax strategies to implement before year-end to maximize deductions. With Brandon's enthusiastic delivery and breadth of tax-saving pointers, the podcast equips investors to navigate taxes smartly.

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Joe Fairless is one of the most well-known real estate investing podcast hosts. He interviews various real estate professionals and investors on his show, Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever. This is the world's longest-running daily real estate podcast, and the hosts bring amazing guests on the show to walk through their journey in the CRE space.

Keeping the conversation focused, Joe pushes guests to back up perspectives with hard numbers on cap rates, cash flow, and appreciation rates in the markets they invest in. His rapid-fire yet productive questioning style delivers value for his motivated audience, who are hungry for practical, data-driven investing guidance.

Having been a guest on the show myself, I can attest to being on the hot seat and preparing plenty of statistics and specifics to illustrate over a decade of my own real estate investing experience.

The data-backed exchange delivers some of the most immediately applicable real estate investing guidance available in podcast form today.

BiggerPockets: The Real Estate Podcast 

BiggerPockets is a large real estate investing community with over 2 million members. It started as a real estate forum and has expanded into several areas, including a podcast network of shows.

No matter your experience level, residential or commercial real estate portfolio size, Bigger Pockets shows provide practical tips and advice. Real estate investors with proven track records host the BiggerPockets real estate podcast. Tapping into their own community, they highlight investment strategies, analyze deals, discuss news, and share real estate knowledge.

BiggerPockets: Real Estate Rookie

Navigating the world of real estate investing can feel overwhelming for newcomers trying to break into the industry. That’s why Ashley Kehr and Tony J Robinson created the BiggerPockets: Real Estate Rookie podcast to demystify the process for aspiring investors through lively and straightforward discussions.

Ashley and Tony recognize that real estate investing has a steep learning curve. The show provides digestible guidance on fundamentals by interviewing seasoned investors who share what they wish they had known when they were starting out. By learning from their expertise, the show breaks down key lessons from those who have already found success.

The podcast aims to equip rookie investors with the foundational principles and practical knowledge to sidestep common mistakes. By learning from the experience of seasoned pros, new investors can build their confidence and real estate portfolios from the ground up.

The Realestate InvestHER Show

When looking at the real estate investing landscape, it’s no secret that men largely dominate the industry. This can make getting a foot in the door feel intimidating for women looking to build wealth through real estate.

The Realestate InvestHER Show podcast hosts Elizabeth Faircloth and Andresa Guidelli are out to change that. As successful investors themselves, they understand the unease women feel stepping into this space.

That’s why, in each episode, they bring on women who have inspiring stories of prospering as real estate investors. Through transparent, empowering conversations, they tackle women's unique barriers, whether that's raising capital, negotiating deals, earning respect, or finding mentors.

This podcast equips women with the mindset, resilience, and strategies needed to break into the “boys club” of real estate investing. Investors tuning in will feel inspired to start their own profitable investing businesses.

The Real Estate Guys

The Real Estate Guys' weekly show, hosted by veteran investing duo Robert Helms and Russell Gray, entertains listeners by blending humor and education around various creative real estate investing strategies.

Leveraging their many years of experience with all manner of real estate investments, from residential flips to large commercial properties, they provide perspective, having been through market ups and downs.

The long-running show manages to strike a unique balance between making real estate investing concepts understandable as well as enjoyable for newcomers and veterans alike.

Short-Term Rental Secrets

Navigating the logistics of managing profitable short-term rental properties can feel intimidating for aspiring hosts. But on his podcast Short Term Rental Secrets, Michael Sjogren methodically guides listeners through transforming this side passion into a thriving business.

Using his engineering background, Michael takes a detailed approach to explain how to build a successful furnished rental business step by step. He shares wisdom on conducting accurate market research, realistically projecting finances, assessing amenity must-haves, and implementing remote management systems.

Listeners tune in to pick up practical tips on evaluating potential investment properties, from utilization rate factors to ideal location characteristics. Michael also talks with experienced hosts who are doing well in different kinds of rentals, like city apartments or cabins by the lake.

Jake & Gino

Jake Stenziano and Gino Barbaro are experts in multifamily real estate investing. As hosts of the Jake & Gino show, they leverage their combined experience of owning over 500 units of multifamily properties to have conversations around deals that have gone right, as well as those that have gone wrong.

Jake and Gino attribute their portfolio growth to being self-taught, trying new strategies, and learning lessons along the way. This enables them to explain granular details, from assessing potential neighborhoods to placing the perfect bid, that propelled their own success stories.

On the show, they share their firsthand experiences, insights into their investment projects, and advice from experts in the field. You'll hear honest conversations about raising funds and hiring the right people. If you're looking for straightforward advice on growing your assets through multifamily investing, Jake and Gino have you covered.

The Real Estate Syndication Show

When it comes to large-scale commercial real estate deals involving millions in funding and hundreds of investors, the details can get complex fast. That’s where The Real Estate Syndication Show comes in. Host Whitney Sewell taps into his own experience developing large multifamily properties, self-storage facilities, mobile home parks, and other assets to outline the details behind these major deals.

Whitney chats with fellow veteran real estate syndicators on his podcast. These guests have funded ventures ranging from a few million to over a billion dollars. He learns how they identify opportunities to project costs from renovations to operations, raise capital from investors, and manage long-term assets.

Listeners gain perspective into navigating the many moving parts of a successful syndication. With his engaging hosting style and the wisdom of special guests, the show offers an unprecedented inside look behind the curtain of commercial real estate’s largest deals.

Passive Investing from the Left Field

Passive Investing from the Left Field is a podcast that provides insights into passive real estate investing. Hosted by Jim Pfeifer, an accomplished investor with years of hands-on experience, the show aims to demystify the strategies and tactics required to build a successful passive income stream through real estate.

What sets this podcast apart is Jim's conversational yet highly knowledgeable delivery style. He has a knack for breaking down complex concepts into easy-to-understand language, making the content accessible to listeners at any level of real estate experience.

The show covers various topics, including the fundamentals of building a rental property portfolio, attracting and retaining high-quality tenants, minimizing expenses through smart property management, and leveraging various strategies to scale your investments over time. Jim's practical advice comes from his own experiences navigating the ups and downs of the real estate market, giving listeners a realistic perspective on what it takes to achieve true passive income.

Lifetime Cashflow

Lifetime Cashflow, hosted by seasoned investor Rod Khleif, shares ideas to create passive income streams through real estate investing. Rod aims to help investors achieve financial freedom via the cash flow that their property holdings can provide over the long term.

The show offers advice for investors at various experience levels and with different amounts of money to invest. Whether he's talking about unique ways to finance buying rental units or looking at expanding commercial properties, his guidance appeals to beginners and seasoned investors.

With Rod's decades of experience in commercial and residential real estate, he can share targeted insights around making the most strategic investments to set investors up for passive income that lasts.

Old Capital

Paul Peebles and Michael Becker, two veteran real estate investors with over 70 years of combined experience, co-host Old Capital, focusing on underwriting value-added multifamily properties.

Drawing from their decades of expertise, Paul and Michael created this podcast to equip investors interested in more operationally intensive, opportunistic projects that require hands-on expertise to maximize value.

They share their proven systems, hard-won advice, and unique insights around identifying and executing complex multifamily deals. For those looking to level up beyond basic rental properties, Old Capital offers an inside look at the world of value-added investing from experts with war stories and wins to back it up.

Cashflow Diary

Hosted by successful real estate entrepreneur J. Massey, the Cashflow Diary podcast focuses primarily on real estate investing strategies and mindset. J. interviews high-profile real estate investors, lenders, attorneys, and other experts.

Some common topics include asset protection, scaling your business, raising private money, wholesaling, and marketing. J. always concludes episodes by asking guests to share actionable tips. 

With its wide range of knowledgeable guests and practical, business-focused content, Cashflow Diary offers value for both new and experienced investors. By covering core mindsets in addition to tactical skills, the show provides actionable insights that listeners can apply to advance their own real estate businesses.

Jared James Today

Jared James Today is a unique real estate podcast that offers an unfiltered, behind-the-scenes look into the life and business strategies of a highly successful house flipper and landlord. Hosted by Jared James, a seasoned investor with more than 300 flips under his belt, this show provides an authentic perspective.

What makes Jared James Today truly captivating is Jared's willingness to share the details of his day-to-day operations. He doesn't shy away from discussing the challenges, setbacks, and hard-won lessons of being an active real estate investor. From navigating the intricacies of networking with lenders to managing a team of contractors, Jared offers a boots-on-the-ground view of what it takes to succeed in this competitive industry.

One of the standout features of the show is Jared's candid "SMTP" (send me to prison) segments, where he candidly answers listener questions without holding back. 

Rental Income Podcast with Dan Lane

Real estate coach and landlord Dan Lane shares strategic rental property advice on the Rental Income Podcast. Dan provides tips on each rental process step, from finding deals to managing tenants.

Dan understands the struggle to balance tenant relations while maximizing cash flow. By openly sharing useful tools like downloadable outreach templates and customizable databases, Dan guides listeners toward increasing profits.

Some topics covered include real estate agent outreach, minimizing vacancies, screening applicants, handyman relations, and maximizing profits. The focus is on providing systems and processes for efficiently scaling your rental portfolio.

The FortuneBuilders Real Estate Investing Show

Hosted by real estate coaching company FortuneBuilders, this show covers all aspects of real estate investing. Episodes feature interviews with FortuneBuilders coaches and experts to discuss markets, rehabs, raising capital, scaling, proptech, and more.

Some recent topics include increasing rental income, commercial real estate investing, flipping houses remotely, and starting as a new investor. The conversational style makes episodes feel like a mastermind discussion.

With new episodes released regularly, you'll continually gain fresh insights and proven tips to maximize your investing profits while mitigating risks. The wealth of knowledge shared makes it a must-listen for any serious real estate entrepreneur.

Finding your ideal podcast on real estate

Listening to top real estate podcasts is like having investing experts in your back pocket at all times. These downloadable mentors make real estate investing education entertaining, efficient, and accessible. Podcasts allow you to soak up specialized knowledge on your preferred niches from seasoned pros, no matter where you are. Whether on your commute, over lunch, or working out, you can actively level up. 

Consistent learning is what separates average investors from the best in the business. So, plug into the savvy minds and actionable insights these shows offer. Let them expand your skillset and mindset so you can take your investing to new heights.

When it comes to building wealth through real estate, real estate investing knowledge is power. Stay plugged into the best podcasts so you can watch your portfolio and possibilities grow.

Best real estate podcast FAQs

What makes a real estate podcast the "best"?

The best real estate podcasts typically offer valuable insights, expert advice, and engaging discussions on various aspects of the real estate industry. They feature professionals, cover various topics, and provide actionable tips for listeners.

What topics do the best real estate podcasts typically cover?

The best real estate podcasts cover a wide range of topics, including market trends, investment strategies, property management, legal issues, and tips for buying and selling homes.

Are real estate podcasts free to listen to?

Yes, the majority of real estate podcasts are free to listen to! You can access them through podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify or directly from the podcast's website.

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