Rent Trends in 2023: Insights from Azibo's Rent Estimate Calculator

Discover 2023 rent trends using insights from Azibo's Rent Calculator. Dive deep into factors affecting rent prices, regional variations, and future predictions for the rental market.

Gemma Smith
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September 14, 2023
Rent Trends in 2023: Insights from Azibo's Rent Estimate Calculator

Disclaimer: The insights and findings presented in this article are derived from data collected by Azibo's rent estimate calculator from April 2023 until August 2023. 

In today's dynamic real estate market, every landlord seeks clarity. Are you setting the correct rent for your property? Are you aligning with current market trends?

2023 has witnessed intriguing shifts in rent patterns. Factors ranging from property size and type to regional influences have played their part, creating a challenging landscape full of opportunities.

Enter the Azibo rent calculator—a tool designed with landlords in mind. Providing localized, real-time data offers a clearer understanding of the market, enabling you to position your property competitively.

Join us in exploring insights drawn from Azibo's Rent Calculator over the last quarter. With informed decisions come better prospects and improved returns on your investments.

Overall rent averages by state

Diving Deeper: Factors influencing rent

Bedrooms & baths impact

When analyzing rent prices, the number of bedrooms significantly impacts the figures. In April 2023, studios came in with an average rent of $1,673, which witnessed a drop to $1,414 by July. During the same time frame, one-bedroom apartments noted an average decrease from $2,012 in April to $1,639 in July. As we increased the bedroom count, two-bedroom apartments saw rents average at $2,530 in April, which decreased to $1,937 by July. Interestingly, three-bedroom spaces saw a pattern shift, with the average rent increasing slightly from $2,340 in April to $2,682 in July.

In the realm of bathrooms, properties with one bathroom had an average rent of $2,015 in April, which descended to $1,731 by July. Properties with multiple bathrooms saw a minor change in average rent from $2,955 in April to $2,985 in July.

Building types and their influence

Building types exhibit unique rent trends. Apartments and condos in April 2023 had an average rent of $3,128; by July, this figure fell to $2,195. In contrast, houses and duplexes presented a more stable trend, with rents averaging at $2,529 in April, climbing slightly to $2,637 by July. This suggests that while apartment and condo rents experienced noticeable fluctuations, houses and duplexes remained relatively steady in their average rents.

Regional variances

On the regional front, California presented itself as one of the states with the highest maximum rents, touching $11,000 in April 2023. One potential reason could be the State's thriving tech industry and high demand for premium housing in certain metropolitan areas. 

On the other end of the spectrum, Alabama, despite its charm and appeal, displayed a significantly lower average rent in July ($1,428), making it one of the more affordable states in the dataset. Economic factors, job market demand, and local amenities possibly play a role in these variances.

Key insights and takeaways

  • Bedroom influence: There's a discernible decrease in average rents as we move from studios to two-bedroom apartments. However, three-bedroom properties resist this trend, showcasing a slight rise. This might indicate a higher demand or perceived value for three-bedroom properties.
  • Bathrooms matter: While one-bathroom properties experienced a noticeable dip in rents from April to July, properties with multiple bathrooms showed only a marginal change, indicating the potential preference of tenants or value placed on multi-bath homes.
  • Building type impact: Apartments and condos underwent a significant decrease in average rents between April and July, while houses and duplexes displayed more stability. This could suggest a growing preference or stability in the standalone home market compared to multi-unit housing.
  • Regional variances: States like California, with booming industries and metropolitan allure, command much higher maximum rent than subdued regions like Alabama, which offers more affordable living options. A combination of economic, infrastructural, and demand-driven factors in each State likely influences these discrepancies.
  • Timely payments: It's notable that irrespective of the building type, most tenants (over 80% for apartment condos and around 80% for house duplexes) make on-time payments. This suggests a generally stable tenant base and could also indicate the effectiveness of current tenant screening processes or their value in maintaining good landlord relationships.

These insights provide a clearer understanding of the 2023 rental market, emphasizing the nuanced roles that property features, building types, and geographical locations play play a role in defining the rental market dynamics.

Future Predictions

The evolving landscape of the rental market presents a compelling narrative. Given the decline in average rents for apartments and condos from April to July, there's an emerging inclination of renters gravitating towards standalone homes. It's conceivable that desires for more space, heightened privacy, or perhaps pandemic-induced lifestyle changes might be shaping these choices.

A noteworthy observation is the resilience of three-bedroom properties, which have resisted the general rent decline. These homes seem to be viewed as a balance, offering just the right amount of space without demanding the more substantial investment required for properties with four or more bedrooms.

Often seen as a small luxury in rental properties, bathrooms also tell an intriguing story. The data suggests that homes with multiple bathrooms are increasingly in demand. The marginal difference in rents between multi-bath properties and their single-bath counterparts points to future renters valuing the comfort and luxury extra bathrooms offer.

From a regional perspective, states like California, historically known for their high rents, might continue their dominance in the rental market, especially within tech hubs and areas of innovation. However, it's essential to consider the broader shifts in the work landscape. With remote work on the rise, regions with more affordable living, like Alabama, might see a surge in demand. This could gradually close the rent disparity between such regions and the traditionally expensive states.

Lastly, the rental market's financial aspects aren't to be ignored. The commendable percentage of on-time payments across building types hints at the evolution of the tenant-landlord relationship. Enhanced financial tools, user-friendly rent payment platforms, and evolving lease agreements suggest a future where timely rent payments become the norm rather than the exception.

Peering into 2024, while absolute certainties are elusive, these patterns and trajectories from the recent past offer a glimpse into the possible turns the rental market might take.

Final thoughts

The rental market is ever-evolving, and understanding current trends is essential for landlords. Azibo's rent calculator, drawing on data since April 2023, provides a clear snapshot of these trends, allowing for informed decision-making. Staying updated with such tools is crucial in this dynamic landscape. 

Explore the insights and try it for yourself.

Important Note: This post is for informational and educational purposes only. It should not be taken as legal, accounting, or tax advice, nor should it be used as a substitute for such services. Always consult your own legal, accounting, or tax counsel before taking any action based on this information.

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