Introducing Collaborate by Azibo: Teamwork in Property Management

Introducing Collaborate by Azibo, a new tool tailored for property owners seeking to streamline operations and enhance team collaboration without sacrificing security. Collaborate revolutionizes property management by offering robust features for task delegation, secure data access, and strategic operational oversight, setting a new standard in real estate management.

Gemma Smith
Last Updated
May 28, 2024
Introducing Collaborate by Azibo: Teamwork in Property Management

Are you overwhelmed by the complexities of managing multiple properties and coordinating with various teams? As a property owner, the challenge of balancing day-to-day operations with strategic growth can leave you feeling stretched thin and vulnerable to oversight.

Imagine a solution where you can streamline your property management processes, enabling seamless collaboration without compromising security or efficiency. The key to successful property management isn’t just working harder; it’s working smarter and together.

Introducing Collaborate by Azibo, our latest innovation tailored for property owners. Let’s explore how its features address the challenges of property management in detail.

What is Collaborate by Azibo?

Collaborate by Azibo is designed to revolutionize property management by addressing the perennial challenges faced by owners of real estate investments. It provides a comprehensive solution that enhances efficiency, security, and strategic focus in several key ways:

  • Efficient task delegation: Collaborate transforms task management within property teams. By allowing owners to delegate specific responsibilities—like tenant screening and rent collection—to designated members, it ensures tasks are handled by those best suited for them.
  • Secure and controlled access: Security of sensitive data is paramount. Collaborate ensures that access to a property owner’s account is highly controlled. Collaborators receive access that is meticulously defined to prevent overreach and unauthorized access to financial details and personal tenant information. This system protects the integrity of the data while allowing operations to proceed securely and efficiently.
  • Streamlined operations: Managing a property often involves handling numerous tasks that can overshadow strategic goals. Collaborate reduces the burden of these day-to-day activities, freeing property owners to focus on expanding their portfolios, exploring new investment opportunities, and developing long-term growth strategies. This strategic shift not only optimizes current management practices but also positions property owners for future success in the real estate market.

By centralizing essential aspects of property management into one platform, Collaborate not only enhances overall control and security but also redefines team roles, particularly for assistants. 

Key features for the assistant role

Our new Collaborate tool introduces targeted features designed to empower assistants and enables them to support property owners more effectively. Let's take a look at the essential capabilities and restrictions.

What assistants can do 

  • View, edit, and add properties: Handle details but cannot delete properties.
  • Fill vacancies: Create and manage applications and screening requests when enabled by the workspace owner.
  • Accept renters: Finalize selections once a candidate is approved.
  • Manage payments: Invite renters to pay, adjust terms, and record manual payments.
  • Waive late fees and handle invoices: Create and manage one-time payment requests.
  • Prepare leases: Fill out and send leases for renter e-signature.
  • Renter communications: Initiate and manage renter messages.
  • Schedule maintenance: Organize and oversee property maintenance requests.

What assistants cannot do

  • Bank account information: No access to details, transactions, or ability to alter accounts.
  • Financial oversight: Cannot view or edit bookkeeping entries or financial reports.
  • Property deletions: Cannot delete properties from the system.
  • Renter removal: No authority to remove current renters from units.
  • Control over initial renter messages: Cannot enable renters to initiate messaging; this is controlled by the workspace owner.

What are the costs involved, and how do you sign up 

Interested in getting started with the benefits of Collaborate for your property management team? Here's a simple guide to the sign-up process:

  1. Invitation process: When property owners invite collaborators, those without an Azibo account will be prompted to create one, while existing users can add the workspace and role directly through a sign-in link.
  2. Adding collaborators: Property owners can add collaborators through the Azibo platform by:some text
    • Navigating to Settings
    • Going to Collaborate and workspace settings
    • Choosing Add a seat

Property owners are billed $99 annually for each collaborator seat, with automatic renewal unless canceled.

Future developments in Collaborate

As Collaborate continues to evolve, several exciting enhancements and new roles are on the horizon. These are aimed at further expanding its functionality and adaptability to meet the diverse needs of property owners. Let's take a closer look.

CPA/ accountant role

In response to property owners' needs for more specialized financial oversight, the introduction of the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) role is planned. This role will allow CPAs to access specific financial and tax-related features, enabling them to manage accounts, prepare reports, and ensure compliance with financial regulations directly through the platform.

Customizable role

Future updates will allow property owners to customize collaborators' access in detail, controlling what they can see and do within the platform. This customization extends to different levels of access to financial data, operational details, and tenant interactions, allowing for precise management of responsibilities.

These upcoming enhancements are designed to make Collaborate a more powerful tool, providing property owners with unprecedented control over how and by whom their properties are managed. 

Enhancing property management with Azibo

Collaborate by Azibo represents a transformative step forward in property management, providing property owners with the tools necessary to enhance teamwork, increase efficiency, and streamline operations. 

By integrating sophisticated task delegation with robust security measures, this innovative platform allows property managers to focus on growth while maintaining rigorous control over their operations. 

Whether it's empowering assistants with the ability to efficiently handle day-to-day tasks or planning for future enhancements like the CPA role and customizable access, Collaborate by Azibo is poised to redefine the standards of property management. 

For property owners looking to optimize their investment efforts and capitalize on strategic opportunities, Collaborate offers a promising solution that combines the power of technology with the value of human collaboration. To experience the benefits firsthand, consider signing up and entering a new era of smarter, safer, and more collaborative property management.

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Important Note: This post is for informational and educational purposes only. It should not be taken as legal, accounting, or tax advice, nor should it be used as a substitute for such services. Always consult your own legal, accounting, or tax counsel before taking any action based on this information.

Gemma Smith

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