Simplifying Your Rental Management With Online Lease Agreements

This article explores online rental agreement software, revealing how it simplifies the process of creating legally airtight leases tailored to your state's regulations. We'll also explore how having a complete solution that integrates leasing with other key aspects like tenant screening and accounting provides landlords with a seamless rental management experience.

Nichole Stohler
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April 23, 2024
Simplifying Your Rental Management With Online Lease Agreements

Ah, the life of a landlord — it has its ups and downs. On the one hand, there's the potential for steady income. But on the other hand, there's the reality of dealing with leases, legal jargon, and the occasional problematic tenant. Let's be honest, creating a truly solid lease agreement is no simple task. You could hunt down a generic template online, but how can you be confident it's legitimate and compliant with your state's specific regulations? And let's not even get into the high costs of paying lawyers to validate those one-size-fits-some documents.

A lease agreement is more than just a piece of paper. It's your safety net when things go sideways with a tenant. Whether you're dealing with unpaid rent, property damage, or disturbances that would make your neighbors cringe, a well-crafted lease agreement is your best friend. But here's the kicker — it's not just about the agreement itself. It's about having a comprehensive system that seamlessly connects with your rental workflow.

So, where can you find a solution that ticks all the boxes? That's where an online rental agreement platform comes into play.

In this article, we'll explore the details of software like Azibo's state-specific online rental agreement platform and discuss how it can simplify your entire rental process, from tenant screening to maintenance management. Get ready to streamline your leasing process like never before!

Understanding electronic lease agreements

Electronic lease agreements are exactly what they sound like: rental contracts that exist as electronic documents rather than physical paper copies. They provide a fully online leasing process from start to finish without needing to handle printed paperwork and allow tenants to review and sign leases online using e-signatures.

Key features of online rental agreement software

When it comes to creating a commercial or residential lease agreement, online lease agreement software makes the entire process efficient and cost-effective. Here are the key ways landlords can benefit:


Rental agreement software helps landlords automate lease management tasks and streamline processes for maximum efficiency. Solutions like Azibo allow you to create and send lease agreements electronically for tenants to review and sign digitally, saving you on printing and mailing costs.

You can also use features like the automated reminder functionality to keep track of renewal dates and other important rental agreement deadlines. This helps you to stay on top of critical dates and take prompt action as needed.

If you and your tenant opt for a lease renewal, the platform already has details from the initial lease, so you can quickly modify it for the new term. This can save you significant time and effort, especially if you manage multiple properties.

Real time tracking

An online rental lease agreement typically leverages electronic signatures. This convenient feature allows landlords to easily send completed lease agreements to tenants for digital signing from any location.

You can also track and monitor document statuses. Landlords can see exactly when a lease agreement was received by the tenant, opened for review, and e-signed, all through an online dashboard.

This transparent tracking eliminates any guesswork about where documents stand in the approval process. Automatic notifications keep landlords informed when actions occur, like a tenant viewing or signing the lease. For any outstanding items, friendly reminders can be sent to tenants to help keep the process moving forward efficiently.


Electronic lease agreements enhance the security of sensitive information compared to traditional paper documents. Lease generation platforms like Azibo are designed to confirm that personal and financial data remain protected during transmission and storage, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.

The shift from physical to digital documents means lease agreements managed online are less susceptible to theft, loss, or damage, further securing both tenant and landlord information.


Federal and state regulations change constantly. Staying updated on how these changes affect lease agreements can be challenging, especially given that rental laws vary significantly from state to state. Azibo's state-specific lease agreement templates comply with local regulations, confirming the legality of documents and compliance with the requirements of different jurisdictions.

You can be confident that these custom rental agreements are legally binding contracts that reduce your risk of legal repercussions.


A significant advantage of digital lease agreements is the ease of customization they offer. Rather than settling for a generic, one-size-fits-all template, digital solutions allow you to tailor agreements with just a few clicks.

A solution like Azibo provides a user-friendly interface to adjust all kinds of rental policies and clauses within your lease. Want to modify the pet policy or update the lease renewal terms? You can make those changes swiftly. Need to comply with your state's latest regulations around security deposits or disclosures? Azibo has customizable addendums to incorporate those details seamlessly.

The ability to precisely customize means your lease stays up-to-date and accurately reflects your property's rules and requirements. No more having to deal with outdated paperwork or try to decipher "legalese" that doesn't quite fit your situation.

Customization happens quickly while still confirming your agreement is compliant and perfectly suited to the unique circumstances of each property.

Residential lease agreement software integrations

When evaluating a lease agreement template solution, it's important to look beyond just the lease document itself. As a landlord, you don't have time to waste on piecing together multiple disconnected tools; you need a comprehensive solution that supports your entire rental workflow.

That's where an all-in-one platform like Azibo can help. Rather than juggling separate systems for leasing, tenant screening, payments, accounting, and more, Azibo seamlessly integrates all these capabilities into one convenient hub.

Within the centralized platform, the lease agreement becomes the core that connects to other key rental management functions. Both the landlord and tenant benefit from centralized capabilities like:

Tenant screening and background checks

Simplify the rental process by seamlessly integrating tenant screening directly into your online lease agreement workflow. This coordination makes the whole process easier with capabilities such as:

  • Rental applications: Prospective tenants can submit their rental applications through Azibo’s secure online portal.
  • Tenant screening: The platform performs thorough background checks and generates detailed reports.
  • Lease agreement: Once you have selected a tenant, you can create the lease agreement within the same portal.

Online rent payments

Once both the tenant and landlord have signed the lease agreement, Azibo's comprehensive platform makes automating rent collection easy. Here’s how it works:

  • Set up properties: Landlords add their rental properties to the platform, link their bank accounts and invite tenants to set up their payments.
  • Automate rent collection: Once tenants set up their payment options, these tenant rents can be automated. Landlords can track these payments in real-time, receive notifications, and manage financial records directly from the Azibo dashboard.

Maintenance management

Tenants can submit maintenance requests online through the tenant portal, allowing landlords to instantly receive and track these requests. This helps streamline operational processes in the following areas:

  • Maintenance requests: Tenants can easily submit maintenance requests through the tenant portal. They can include detailed descriptions, upload photos, and communicate via in-app messaging to provide clear information about issues.
  • Updates and tracking: Both the landlord and tenant can see real-time updates on the status of these requests. A property manager can use this information to schedule repairs and communicate any changes or updates directly through the app.

Accounting and financial management

Incorporating accounting into your workflow makes it easier to manage financial data for both commercial and residential property. This includes facilitating everything from profit and loss tracking to tax reporting for landlords. Key capabilities include:

  • Automated income and expense tracking: A landlord accounting system like Azibo automatically records all transactions related to a property, including rental payments and maintenance records.
  • Seamless tax preparation: All financial transactions are automatically recorded and categorized. This makes it easier to complete Schedule E and other tax forms.
  • Financial reporting: Landlords can access up-to-date financial reports that reflect their properties' current financial status. This helps with maintaining cash flow and overall financial planning.

Creating your own lease agreement with Azibo

You can use Azibo's lease agreement solution for residential or commercial property. Getting started is easy — just follow these 5 quick steps.

Step 1: Create an account

Sign up on Azibo's website by providing the necessary information to set up your user profile.

Step 2: Add your property

Before customizing your lease, you'll first need to add your rental property details into the Azibo portal. This allows the platform to automatically populate certain lease fields and link the agreement to the specific property.

 In this step, you'll provide key details such as:

  •  Property address
  • Unit/apartment numbers
  • Property type (single-family, multi-unit, etc.)
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Square footage

Step 3: Set up your lease

Use Azibo's state-specific lease agreement templates as a base and then customize with the following details:

Lease term and payment details

  • Specify the tenant responsible for paying rent.
  • Define the lease term start and end dates.
  • Set the duration (6 months, 1 year, etc.).
  • State the monthly rent amount.
  • Determine the rent payment schedule (due dates).
  • Outline conditions for lease renewals.
  • Explain procedures for early termination.
  • State the tenant's security deposit amount.

Security deposit details

  • Define allowable uses of the security deposit.
  • State handling requirements during tenancy.
  • Explain conditions for partial/full return after move-out.

Additional policies and rules

State-specific disclosures

Use Azibo’s library to add any state-required disclosures like lead-based paint or mold.

Step 4: Send for electronic signature

Send the lease to the tenant for electronic signing. You can use this feature to track the signing process in real time.

Step 5: Store and access leases

The signed leases are automatically stored in your Azibo account, making it easy to access and manage them from anywhere. This digital storage gives you secure and organized repository of all lease documents.

Reap the benefits of an online tenancy agreement

When all is said and done, being a landlord is a balancing act of maximizing your income while minimizing headaches. Having the right tools in your arsenal can make all the difference.

With Azibo's state-specific online rental agreements and comprehensive property management platform, you get a robust solution that takes the guesswork out of leasing. No more scouring the internet for questionable templates or shelling out big bucks for legal reviews. Azibo is your solution for properly vetted, customizable agreements that comply with your local laws.

A full property management software solution combines leasing with other crucial aspects of rental management, from tenant screening and online payments to maintenance tracking. It's a one-stop shop for streamlining your operations and keeping everything neatly organized in one place.

Opt for a platform that streamlines your rental operations and provides the assurance you need. After all, owning rental property should be a rewarding experience.

Lease agreement online FAQs

Does Google Docs have a rental agreement template?

Yes, Google Docs offers a variety of templates, including rental agreement templates. However, it lacks advanced features for lease management and legal compliance.

Does Word have a rental agreement template?

Yes, Microsoft Word offers rental agreement templates, but it also does not include specialized lease management and compliance tools, making other platforms such as Azibo a better option for lease creation.

What is the best tenancy agreement for a landlord?

The best tenancy agreement for a landlord is one that is legally compliant, clearly defines terms and responsibilities, and is customized to meet the specific needs of the property and rental arrangement. 

Important Note: This post is for informational and educational purposes only. It should not be taken as legal, accounting, or tax advice, nor should it be used as a substitute for such services. Always consult your own legal, accounting, or tax counsel before taking any action based on this information.

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Nichole co-founded Gateway Private Equity Group, with a history of investments in single-family and multi-family properties, and now a specialization in hotel real estate investments. She is also the creator of, a blog dedicated to real estate investing.

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