Podcast: From the Army to Entrepreneurship with Azibo CEO Chris Hsu

 Post by Azibo Team on December 3, 2019

Listen to the Mission Daily podcast to hear Chris share his experience going from West Point to military service to the business world

Azibo co-founder and CEO Chris Hsu recently appeared on the Mission Daily podcast to discuss what it was like going from West Point to the Army, and how his time in the military prepared him for the corporate world. He also shares his experience leading turnarounds in private equity and at Hewlett Packard, and how that led him to the world of entrepreneurship—first as a startup advisor, then as co-founder and CEO of Azibo. 

Listen to the full episode here, or download it on Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts.

Check out a few of Chris' quotes from the episode:

“I would say that [West Point] was probably the thing that most shaped my character and created opportunity for me that I would not have had otherwise. It made me a citizen of the world and really opened my mind to what the whole world was about.”

“Entrepreneurship is not about the idea—it's about taking the idea and shaping it into something that actually works, building a company and a culture and being able to pivot and push through things that are remarkably challenging.”

[On his time in senior management at HP] “In large global organizations, there are typically a few people who are catalysts for change. You have to convince the right people that there is a compelling need for change and then you have to build a coalition.”

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