Real Estate Investing Software: Your Guide to the 10 Best Solutions

This real estate investing software guide is your map to tech-fueled profits. We'll uncover the digital shovels for unearthing hot properties, the software that turns you into a landlord ninja, and the analysis weapons that'll make every deal a winner.

Nichole Stohler
Last Updated
April 30, 2024
Real Estate Investing Software: Your Guide to the 10 Best Solutions

Real estate investing is the ultimate quest for financial freedom, but behind the allure of passive income lies a tangle of details. From finding profitable properties to keeping tenants happy, investors have their work cut out for them.

The right software provides data-driven insights and streamlines operations. With the industry spanning numerous niches and a range of software options available, it can be difficult to determine which solutions to use.

This guide breaks down the must-have real estate investing platforms, covering tools for each major stage of the industry lifecycle. You'll learn what features to prioritize, and you'll get our top picks for the best platforms out there. Having the right tech stack can help you streamline operations and maximize your investing success.

Understanding real estate investor software

Real estate investment software is a broad category of solutions to handle every aspect of the real estate investment industry. It includes the software to support the full lifecycle of areas such as:

  • Finding properties: Real estate investment software helps investors locate potential investment properties. It may integrate with real estate listing sites and provide filters to narrow down searches.
  • Analyzing properties: These tools allow investors to evaluate properties based on various metrics. They can calculate factors like rental income, expenses, cash flow, and projected returns.
  • Managing properties: Once investors own properties, they use software for tasks like tracking rent payments, maintenance requests, and financial reporting.

Choosing the right software

No matter where you are in the real estate investing process, look for the following elements in software to make sure the solution meets your needs and delivers value:

  • Functionality and features: Confirm the software has all the key features and functionalities to meet your specific requirements and streamline your workflows.
  • User interface and ease of use: Look for software with an easy-to-use interface. It should be simple to navigate and require minimal training to get up to speed.
  • Integration capabilities: Check if the software can integrate seamlessly with the tools you're already using to enhance efficiency and data consistency.
  • Scalability: The real estate investment software you choose should be able to grow with your needs. Make sure it can handle increased demands, such as adding new properties or team members, as your business grows.
  • Support and training: Choose a solution that provides strong customer support and comprehensive training resources so you can get the most out of the real estate investment software solution.
  • Security features: Verify that the software provides strong security measures to protect your data and comply with relevant regulations.
  • Cost: Consider the initial purchase price and long-term costs, including updates, maintenance, and additional features or services.
  • Vendor reputation and reviews: Research the real estate investment software provider's reputation and read user reviews to determine reliability and customer satisfaction.

Our 10 favorite software solutions

When it comes to real estate investing software, here are our top picks:

1. Azibo

For managing a rental property business, you can't beat Azibo's all-in-one platform for landlords. This real estate investor software does everything soup-to-nuts that you need for your investment property. The full set of features includes:

Rental applications

One of the first things rental property investors need to do for their business is find prospective tenants. Instead of paper-based applications, you can send interested parties a link to Azibo's online rental application.

From there, the software collects applicant details such as current and past addresses, employment information, position, title, and monthly income. The real estate software then allows the uploading of necessary screening documents like government-issued IDs and pay stubs.

Tenant screening

Azibo's tenant screening provides access to a tenant's credit scores, eviction history, and criminal history. You can apply the specific criteria you have set for your rental property business and select qualified applicants.

Custom lease agreements

You can easily customize state-specific rental agreements in three easy steps. This is a simple and cost-effective way to manage risk and confirm legal compliance in your real estate business. The platform integrates e-signatures into the process, so you can track the status of agreements and send them out for easy online signing.

Collect rent

Azibo's automated payment system streamlines rent collection for your rental properties. Tenants can pay their rent online using their preferred payment method, including ACH, debit, or credit cards.

Landlords can easily track payment status and see the funds in their bank account. This automated income system makes the whole rent collection process easier and less prone to late payments.

Maintenance request handling

One reality for real estate investors with properties is the inevitability of maintenance and repairs. Implementing a system that allows tenants to submit maintenance requests electronically can significantly benefit your business.

Azibo's integrated maintenance and messaging enables you to review requests quickly, manages communication, and allows for efficient responses. This system streamlines the handling of repairs so that you can address issues promptly and effectively.

Accounting and financial reporting

Effective business management of your rental properties requires having a solid grasp of your financial situation. Azibo offers comprehensive accounting features, including the tracking of income and expenses, generation of financial reports, and preparation for tax season.

With these capabilities integrated into a single real estate investment management software, there is no need to invest in separate bookkeeping software. This all-in-one approach makes sure everything is connected, simplifying your financial management tasks.

Document storage and management

There will be times when you need to access documentation for your investment properties, such as during a tenant dispute where referencing a lease agreement is key. Other times, you might need tenant screening reports or other historical data.

Azibo allows you to securely store and manage all relevant property documents, contracts, and tenant agreements in one centralized location.


Azibo's pricing for managing rental properties includes:

  • Core features (free): Azibo offers several key services at no cost, including rent collection, tenant screening, maintenance requests, and financial accounting.
  • Rent collection: Azibo's rent collection services are free for landlords. For tenants, ACH is free, and if the tenant chooses to pay rent via credit or debit card, there is a 2.99% convenience fee.
  • Lease agreements: Generating state-specific lease agreements costs $29.99 per lease, which includes e-signature capabilities.
  • Tenant screening: Each applicant pays $39.99, which covers credit and background checks.

2. DealMachine

DealMachine supports real estate investors looking to find and acquire off-market properties. It provides a range of tools to find potential real estate investments using strategies like driving for dollars.

Who should use this software?

This software supports the real estate wholesalers who are always hustling to find the next hot property. If you're constantly pounding the pavement, scouring lists for motivated sellers, and negotiating bargain deals — this tool is for you.

Key features

  • Lead generation and list building: Create targeted lead lists from a database of over 150 million U.S. properties with advanced filtering options to meet specific investment criteria.
  • Direct mail marketing: Send personalized postcards and mail to property owners with the option to include real property photos to boost engagement.
  • Skip tracing: Access up-to-date contact information for property owners to enhance the chances of successful outreach and negotiation.


DealMachine's starter plan begins at $99 per month.

3. Mashvisor

Mashvisor pulls information from sources like MLS, Airbnb, and Redfin to provide comprehensive insights and trend analysis into real estate markets across the United States.

Who should use this software?

If you're an investor focused on short-term rentals, Mashvisor is the tool for you. This software equips you with data and analytics to pinpoint profitable short-term rental opportunities in your selected real estate market.

Key features

  • Property finder: Uses AI to help users find the best traditional and Airbnb properties based on specified investment criteria such as budget, desired return, and market conditions.
  • Heatmap tool: This tool visualizes data to identify top-performing investment areas and allows users to adjust search criteria dynamically.
  • Neighborhood analysis: Provides detailed comparisons of different neighborhoods, offering insights into average rental prices, occupancy rates, and market trends.


Mashvisor offers several subscription plans starting at $17.99 per month for basic property analysis.

4. Dealcheck

This comprehensive real estate analysis software is a must for investors who want to crunch the numbers and leave no stone unturned.

Who should use this software?

Whether you're evaluating a rental, flip, BRRRR, wholesale deal, or a commercial property, this software allows you to thoroughly vet every scenario. If you need to build an airtight cash flow analysis scenario, it belongs in your toolkit. With detailed modeling capabilities, you can make data-driven offers and investments that align with your profitability criteria.

Key features

  • Property analysis: Real estate investors can perform detailed analyses of different types of investments in seconds. It calculates key metrics such as cash flow, cap rates, ROI, and other financial indicators.
  • Customizable deals:  Users can customize each deal according to specific financing details, closing costs, repair budgets, and operating expenses, providing flexibility to accommodate various investment strategies.
  • Offer calculator:  A unique feature of DealCheck is its offer calculator, which helps determine the maximum allowable offer to sellers based on detailed investment criteria, verifying that investments make financial sense.


DealCheck has a free starter plan with limited features and their paid plans start at $14 per month.

5. PropStream

This real estate software is a data goldmine for real estate professionals looking to capitalize on property leads. PropStream provides access to a staggering 155 million property records nationwide.

Who should use this software?

If you're constantly on the lookout for new opportunities and red-hot leads, PropStream belongs in your tech stack. We're talking wholesalers, agents, brokers — anyone who needs access to comprehensive real estate data to uncover those profitable deals.

Key features

  • Lead identification and marketing: Filter to identify potential leads and create customized property lists for targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Property research and analysis: Access comprehensive property data, including historical information, market trends, and sales comps.
  • Rehab estimator and property deal analyzer: These tools benefit investors focused on renovations and flips by providing cost estimates and projecting investment returns.


PropStream starts at $99 per month with basic features. Additional costs for advanced features like enhanced list management and skip tracing are also available.

6. RealData

RealData's software helps investors analyze multifamily and other types of income properties. It includes tools for detailed financial analysis and projection.

Who should use this software?

New and experienced real estate investors looking to validate opportunities before making commercial real estate purchases.

Key features:

  • Commercial real estate analysis: The software supports various property types, including multifamily, office, retail, and warehouse.
  • Custom reports: Real estate investors can produce professional-quality reports and presentations to share with lenders, partners, and clients.
  • User-friendly interface: RealData's software leverages a familiar spreadsheet environment, combined with the power of specialized software so it's easy to use without extensive training in Excel or financial modeling.


RealData offers software bundles with a one-time purchase starting at $229.

7. TheAnalyst PRO

TheAnalyst PRO is a comprehensive commercial real estate analysis and marketing platform that supports various functionalities such as location risk assessment and demographic studies. It also facilitates the quick creation of detailed reports and marketing materials.

Who should use this software?

Commercial real estate entrepreneurs who need to validate purchase decisions and create marketing materials.

Key features:

  • Investment analysis: Real estate investors can create detailed discounted cash flow (DCF) analyses over 5 and 10 years, accommodating both before and after-tax scenarios.
  • Property marketing tools: The platform includes a range of marketing tools to support the creation of offering memorandums, flyers, and brochures.
  • Lease analysis: Users can compare up to five leases side-by-side, providing both tenant and landlord perspectives, which helps support leasing decisions.


TheAnalyst PRO offers a subscription model priced at $89.99 per month, with an initial setup fee of $49.99.

8. REISift

REISift is a real estate CRM that helps optimize lead follow-up and marketing campaigns to increase conversions and closed deals.

Who should use this software?

Wholesalers looking for an all-in-one solution to efficiently build their buyer and seller pipelines.

Key features

  • CRM tools: Provides customer relationship management capabilities to help wholesalers efficiently manage and track their leads.
  • Direct mail and vacancy check: These features allow for targeted marketing campaigns directly to motivated sellers and absentee owners, integrated with automatic checks for property vacancies.
  • Click-to-call: Investors can enhance communication with prospects by allowing calls directly from the CRM and utilizing smart filters to quickly access relevant data.


REISift starts at $97 per month for the Essentials Plan.

9. PropertyMetrics

PropertyMetrics provides a set of web-based software tools designed for commercial real estate valuation and analysis, catering especially to the needs of property investment analysis.

Who is this real estate investor software for?

Commercial real estate investors, analysts, and professionals involved in evaluating investment properties.

Key features

  • Simplified proforma creation: The platform allows for easy generation of real estate proforma online so investors can create and share detailed investment analyses.
  • Development cost modeling: Users can create detailed cost analyses for both ground-up construction and value-added projects. It allows for precise expense timing and the modeling of hard costs, soft costs, and land costs.
  • Rent roll management: Simplifies the process of importing rent rolls through a pre-formatted Excel template, ensuring easy data integration and management.


PropertyMetrics is $99 for a subscription on a month-to-month basis.

10. CRE Model

CREmodel is an Excel-based financial modeling software tailored for commercial real estate investments. It supports analysis for various property types including multifamily, retail, office, and industrial projects.

Who should use this software?

Commercial real estate investors and professionals needing to analyze potential deals and model scenarios. It's a great option for those wanting a cost-effective, user-friendly modeling solution.

Key features

  • Comprehensive analysis tools: Supports detailed calculations like ROI, IRR, NPV, cash on cash return, leveraged IRR, LTV, and DCR.
  • Pre-formatted templates: Includes templates for easier data input and comprehensive reporting.
  • User-friendly: Designed for easy input and modular adjustments to streamline the analysis process.


CRE Model is a one-time purchase of $89 with no additional ongoing costs.

Which is the best real estate investing software? You decide

Technology continues to transform the real estate investing landscape, and the software solutions highlighted in this guide are just a snapshot of what's available today. As the industry evolves, we'll likely see more innovation and specialization in the tools that support investors.

An emerging area to watch is proptech focused on sustainability and energy efficiency for properties. There's also growing interest in software that applies AI and machine learning to streamline processes like tenant acquisition and portfolio optimization.

Whichever real estate niche you operate in, make adopting and mastering the right software a priority. The most successful investors will be those who leverage technology to gain competitive advantages, whether through faster analysis, lower operating costs, or data-driven decision making.

Having the right real estate investing software powering your business can position you for maximum efficiency and profits as you build your portfolio.

Real estate investment software FAQs

What software do realtors use?

Realtors commonly use CRM software like Salesforce, Zillow Premier Agent, and real estate platforms such as MLS systems.

How do I track my real estate investment?

Use investment tracking software like Azibo or spreadsheets to monitor performance, expenses, and income.

What is the best real estate database software?

The best real estate database software often includes Salesforce, Zillow Premier Agent, and Propertybase.

Important Note: This post is for informational and educational purposes only. It should not be taken as legal, accounting, or tax advice, nor should it be used as a substitute for such services. Always consult your own legal, accounting, or tax counsel before taking any action based on this information.

Nichole Stohler

Nichole co-founded Gateway Private Equity Group, with a history of investments in single-family and multi-family properties, and now a specialization in hotel real estate investments. She is also the creator of, a blog dedicated to real estate investing.

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