Pet Deposit

Mitigating risk in pet-friendly rentals

Understand the meaning of a pet deposit, how they work, their benefits, and how they protect your rental property in pet-friendly housing.

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A pet deposit is a fee collected from tenants who wish to keep pets in their rental unit. This deposit is specifically aimed at covering any potential damages caused by pets during the tenancy. Unlike standard security deposits, pet deposits are specifically tailored to address the risks associated with pet ownership within rental properties. Whether these deposits are refundable or non-refundable depends on the terms outlined in the lease agreement.

Pet deposit definition

A pet deposit is an additional security deposit charged to tenants who keep pets. It is intended to cover any damages to the rental property directly attributable to the tenant's pet(s).

Factors influencing pet deposits

  • Type and Size of Pet: Larger or more active pets may pose greater risks for property damage, potentially necessitating higher deposits.
  • Number of Pets: More animals increase the likelihood of damage, which can affect the amount of the deposit.
  • Property Type: Properties with extensive furnishings or delicate interiors might require higher deposits to cover potential damages.

Benefits of charging a pet deposit

  • Risk Management: Helps cover costs associated with pet-related damages without depleting the standard security deposit.
  • Attracting Pet Owners: Allows landlords to accommodate pet owners, who represent a significant portion of potential tenants, thus expanding the rental market.
  • Maintaining Property Condition: Ensures funds are available for repairs due to pet damage, helping maintain the property’s condition and value.

Real-world example

Consider a landlord who manages a well-maintained apartment complex and decides to allow pets. By implementing a pet deposit of $300 per pet, the landlord can cover the costs of any pet-related damages such as scratched floors or damaged blinds, ensuring that the apartments can be quickly refurbished and re-rented without substantial costs.

Protecting your rental with pet deposits

Implementing a pet deposit is a practical approach for landlords who wish to offer pet-friendly rentals while mitigating the associated risks. It provides a financial cushion that can offset the cost of any damages caused by pets, thereby maintaining the rental property’s condition and value.

Pet Deposit

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