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Texas real estate articles

State specific resources

Official Government Resources

Texas Property Code (Title 8, Landlord and Tenant): Provides the statutory framework governing residential tenancies, including security deposits, repairs, and the eviction process in Texas.

Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA): Offers guidance on affordable housing, fair housing practices, and housing programs aimed at improving housing options for Texans.

Texas State Law Library - Landlord/Tenant Law: Provides access to legal resources, statutes, and information relevant to landlord-tenant relationships in Texas.

Legal Assistance and Advocacy

Texas Legal Services Center (TLSC): Offers free legal assistance to low-income Texans, including support with housing issues, evictions, and landlord-tenant disputes.

Legal Aid of Northwest Texas: Provides legal help to low-income individuals in North and West Texas, covering housing issues among other civil matters.

Lone Star Legal Aid: Delivers free legal services to low-income individuals in Eastern Texas, including assistance with housing and tenant rights.

Tenant Rights and Advocacy Organizations

Texas Tenants' Union: A nonprofit organization offering tenant rights advocacy, education, and counseling in Texas.

Texas Housers: Works to improve housing conditions, protect neighborhoods, and promote civil rights and economic justice for low-income Texans.

Landlord Resources and Associations

Texas Apartment Association (TAA): Provides resources, legal forms, educational programs, and advocacy for rental housing professionals in Texas.

Texas Association of Realtors: Offers resources for real estate professionals, including property managers, with legal updates, forms, and professional development opportunities.

Rental Assistance and Housing Programs

Texas Rent Relief Program: Offers financial assistance to Texas renters and landlords to cover rent, utility bills, and other housing expenses due to economic hardship, including challenges stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

HUD in Texas: Provides information on federal housing assistance programs, including Section 8, in Texas.

Dispute Resolution Services

Texas Dispute Resolution System (TDRS): Offers mediation services to help resolve disputes, including landlord-tenant issues, without going to court.

Local Government Resources

City and County Housing Authorities: Local housing authorities in Texas provide information on housing regulations, assistance programs, and services specific to their communities.

Online Legal Resources and Forums

TexasLawHelp.org: Provides free legal information and resources for Texans, including a section dedicated to housing, landlord-tenant issues, and eviction processes.