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Azibo simplifies property management across West Virginia with its integrated online platform. Tailored for the proactive landlord, Azibo offers seamless rent collection, in-depth tenant screening, customizable lease generation, and advanced accounting tools, all while adhering to West Virginia's specific regulations. Experience effortless property management from the rolling Appalachians to the bustling city centers.

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West Virginia specific resources

Official Government and Legal Resources

West Virginia State Legislature: The West Virginia Code provides detailed statutes on landlord and tenant laws under Chapter 37, specifically Articles 6 and 6A. These sections cover a wide range of topics from the rights of parties on transfer of land to detailed responsibilities for both landlords and tenants regarding property maintenance and rent procedures​​​​.

West Virginia Attorney General's Office: While not directly linked here, this office can be a valuable resource for understanding consumer protection laws that may impact rental agreements and housing disputes.

Legal Assistance

The West Virginia State Bar: Offers information on landlord-tenant law, detailing the rights, responsibilities, and obligations involved in renting residential and commercial properties. They also provide a list of practice areas including eviction defense and representation for both landlords and tenants in disputes​​.

Legal Aid of West Virginia: Offers legal assistance in civil matters including housing issues for qualifying residents.