Simple and compliant accounting, built for rental property owners

Azibo Accounting gives you a real-time, single source of truth to help you manage your cash, accounting, and bookkeeping with confidence. 
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Save time and money with Azibo Accounting

Compliant accounting

Built in partnership with real estate CPAs, you get built-in tagging, categories, metrics, and reports for your rental business

Real-time source of truth

Save yourself hours of setup time with robust rental accounting

Painless transaction management

Landlords save up to 80% of their time managing transactions

Integrated platform

With accounting and financial services built into Azibo’s property management platform, everything just works

Simplified tax prep

Save time and reduce stress when your expenses and income are already sorted and categorized

Built to scale

All of the reports and tools you need to grow your business all year long

Ditch Quickbooks for REAL rental accounting for landlords

Designed for landlords
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LLCs managed in one account

Class tracking*
Out-of-the box tags for rental property transactions
Includes 200 different tags
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Complete suite of rental property financial reports
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Real-estate specific tax packet
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All-in-one platform for DIY landlords 
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*Ability to view reporting comparing property and portfolio performance side-by-side
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Built in partnership with The Real Estate CPA, Brandon Hall

Azibo joined forces with Brandon Hall (known as The Real Estate CPA) to improve the rental property bookkeeping experience for independent landlords. Brandon and his team of elite CPAs help real estate investors nationwide reduce tax liability and gain financial clarity. Together, we built a rental property accounting software solution from the ground up to help landlords ensure compliance, save money and time, and eliminate common tax errors.
Learn more about why Brandon’s team recommends a cloud-based bookkeeping solution.
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“These reports are exactly what I need to assess my rental performance easily”

Ian C.

“Azibo includes reports that I normally have to manually get data for at my CPA’s request”

Doug C. 

“Rule-based tagging that auto-tags transactions with vendor names and categories etc. will save me most of my bookkeeping time"

Melissa R.

On-demand rental property accounting reports

Detailed view of tenants and rent status, and important leasing information for each unit. Learn more about Rent Roll reports here.

Summary of your income, expenses, and net income for one or more properties. Learn more about Profit and Loss reports here.

Summary of your net operating income, financing expenditures, capital expenditures, and net cash flow. Learn more about Cash Flow reports here.

Tax form used to report any income or loss that you have incurred from rental real estate. Learn more about Schedule E report here.

Chronological record of your business's capital expenditures. Learn more about Capital Expenditures here.

Master record of your financial transactions. Learn more about the General Ledger here.

List of rent deposits on your bank statement to individual payments of every tenant.

Get started with Azibo Accounting in 3 simple steps


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Add information about your portfolio of properties and organize by LLC, region, or however you prefer.


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Connect your real estate business bank account to import and tag your rental property business transactions.


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Use Azibo’s comprehensive accounting tools to create reports, monitor your business performance, and prepare for tax season.

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Safe and secure

At Azibo, your data privacy and security is paramount. Our state-of-the-art, bank-level security means your personal information will never fall into the wrong hands.



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Chartered Bank Partner

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Data & Privacy Protection

Your personal information is encrypted with 256-bit, bank-level SSL encryption. Azibo is built on the same secure payments platform used by Amazon, DocuSign, and Lyft.


Azibo Accounting includes comprehensive financial reports for landlords, including cash flow statement, P&L, general ledger, rent roll, Schedule E, and Schedule of Capital Expenditures.

Azibo uses a cash-basis accounting method, which is popular among independent rental property owners and real estate CPAs.

Like our other products, Azibo Accounting is available at no cost to rental property owners. That means you can manage your entire rental business in one platform, with one login — for free.

Azibo gives you the best value, and is the only rental accounting software built in partnership with real estate CPAs in the market. Learn more about Azibo pricing and how we can provide our core services at no cost to property owners.