How Do Landlords Sign Up for Azibo?

 Post by Azibo Team on March 15, 2021

Learn how Azibo works for landlords in this step-by-step guide.

Curious what to expect in the Azibo signup process? Keep reading to learn how Azibo benefits landlords, and get step-by-step instructions on how to create your Azibo account

What is Azibo?

Azibo is an all-in-one financial services platform built for independent landlords. Our online rent collectionbanking, and expense management solutions help you save time, stay organized, and grow your rental business. With Azibo, landlords can receive online rent payments, deposit paper checks, and manage all of their property bank accounts in one platform — for free.

Azibo also offers the only bank account designed for landlords, as well as competitive loanstransparent insurance offerings, and property performance insights to help you increase your cash flow.

Is Azibo really free for landlords?

Yes, Azibo really is free for landlords. Rather than charging fees like traditional banks and technology platforms, Azibo makes money in other ways in order to provide our tools at no cost to landlords. Learn more about the Zibo business model

How do landlords sign up for Azibo? 

Step 1: Create your free Azibo account

To create a Azibo account, visit the Azibo homepage and click “Get started for free” or “Sign up.” 

That takes you to the Azibo signup page, where you’ll choose “Landlord” and complete the form with your name and phone number. 

Note: The phone number you enter must be able to receive text messages. 

Next, enter your email address and create a password. Click “Create your free account” to continue. 

Once you create your account, we’ll verify your email address by sending you a verification code. After you verify your email, you’ll be redirected to sign in to your new Azibo account. 

Step 2: Choose your Azibo services

Once you sign in, you’ll see a page featuring all of the Azibo services available to landlords. Select all that apply to enjoy a customized onboarding experience. 

You can always skip this step for now and set up additional services from your Azibo dashboard at a later time. 

In this guide, we’ll focus on “Automate rent.” Click that tile to set up online rent collection. 

Step 3: Set up online rent collection

Once you choose “Automate rent,” you’ll be directed to a new page with the three steps required to set up online rent collection.

Step 3a: Add a property

Click “Add property” to add your rental property to Azibo. 

First, enter your rental property address. If the address doesn’t auto-fill, you can enter the address manually. 

Next, add the rest of the details about your property. Choose a property type from the dropdown list, enter the number of units and the apartment, suite, or unit number, if applicable. 

You can then assign the property to an existing portfolio or create a new one. Azibo users can create multiple portfolios if you’d like to assign different property types into different groups. 

You can add additional properties from the Properties page on your Azibo dashboard at any time. 

Step 4: Add a bank account

Next, add the bank account you use for your rental property. You can either open a Azibo bank account or link your existing bank account. 

Azibo bank account offers landlords many benefits, including a high-yield checking account (3.75x the national average), a 1% cash back business debit card, no monthly fees or minimum balances, and the ability to send payments. 

If you don’t want to open a Azibo bank account, you still can access Azibo’s tools for rent collection, expense management, and security deposit management. 

Option 1: Open a Azibo bank account

To open a Azibo bank account, enter your personal details (name, address, birth date), as well as your SSN, EIN or Tax ID, which is required to verify your identity. Azibo encrypts this information and will never sell or share it. 

You will also need to specify an initial deposit amount of at least $100 as part of the Azibo bank account application. The funds will be pulled from your external bank account within 24 hours of your application approval.

Once you submit your Azibo bank application, our team must validate your account to prevent fraud. This process typically takes less than 48 hours. If we require additional information from you, the Azibo support team will reach out via email.

Option 2: Link an existing bank account

To securely link your existing bank to your Azibo account, first answer a few questions about how you use this bank account for your rental business. 

Next, go through the guided setup to link your bank account. We partner with Plaid — the secure payments platform used by companies like Amazon, DocuSign, and Lyft — to protect your information. 

Through Plaid, you’ll be able to choose your bank and enter your bank credentials to securely link the account. Rest assured that this information will never be shared or sold. 

If you don’t see your bank listed, you can manually enter your account and routing numbers to start the verification process. Within a few business days, you should receive two small deposits (less than $0.99) in your bank account. Once you receive the deposits, log into Azibo, go to the Bank Accounts tab, and click “Verify” next to your bank account. Enter the amount of the two deposits to complete the verification. 

Step 5: Invite your tenant(s)

Once you’ve added a bank account, the final step is to add your tenants. 

First, add the lease payment terms — including your lease’s start and end dates, rent amount, rent due date, and any recurring fees (pet fees, late fees, etc.) or one-time payments (security deposit, pro-rated rent, etc.). 

Note: For the lease start date, use the date you started using Azibo. 

Next, add your tenant’s name and contact information, including their mobile phone number, email address, or both. 

Next, preview your tenant’s invitation to confirm all the information is correct and hit send. 

Once you’ve sent the tenant invite through Azibo, you can follow up with your tenant using their custom Azibo sign-up link. Note that the custom link will only work for that specific unit — you cannot send the same invite link to all of your tenants. 

If you have multiple rental units, repeat the same process to invite additional tenants to join Azibo. 

If your tenant doesn’t accept your invite, you can resend the invitation. Go to the “Properties” tab on the Azibo dashboard, choose the unit, and click "Resend invite." If they still don’t respond, confirm you have the correct tenant contact information. 

You can send tenants our blog post How Do Renters Sign Up for Azibo? for step-by-step instructions on the Azibo sign-up process for renters. 

Step 6: Verify your account

As a final step, verify your AZibo account in order to receive payments. Log into AZibo and click your name on the bottom left corner to go to your profile settings. In the identity verification box, click "Verify now" and have a government-issued ID ready to complete this step.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully set up your AZibo account and can now start collecting rent online. You can also check your AZibo dashboard to track rent payment status, understand your financial performance, and tag expenses to simplify tax prep. 

Ready to open a free Azibo account? 

Want to know what the Azibo experience looks like for your tenants? Read our blog post How Do Renters Sign Up for Azibo? for step-by-step instructions on the Azibo renter sign-up process.

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Learn about the Azibo landlord signup process in this step-by-step guide.

Want to know what the Azibo experience looks like for your tenants? Read our blog post How Do Renters Sign Up for Azibo? for instructions on the Azibo renter sign-up process.

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