Can You Pay Rent in Cash? What Renters Need to Know

Discover the considerations and risks of paying rent in cash, highlighting the benefits of digital payment methods. Learn about Azibo's secure and convenient options, including payments through CashApp and Chime, that modernize rent transactions.

Nichole Stohler
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February 1, 2024
Can You Pay Rent in Cash? What Renters Need to Know

Are you looking to pay your rent in cash? While it can be an option for tenants, it's important to know the considerations and risks that come with this payment method before choosing to do so, as it might not always be the best choice.

In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of paying rent in cash and other methods you can use to pay your rent.

Read on to find out if paying your rent in cash is the right choice for you!

Can you use cash as rent payment?

While paying rent in cash is possible, it's essential to be aware of the inherent risks associated with this method. Cash payments lack the digital trail that electronic payments provide, making it difficult to prove the transaction in case of disputes. Additionally, carrying large sums of cash poses risks of theft or loss, and there's always the possibility of miscounting or mismanagement.

Understanding these risks, Azibo has innovated to offer safer and more convenient alternatives for cash transactions. Recognizing the need for flexible payment methods, Azibo now enables cash payments through Chime. This integration significantly reduces the risks associated with physical cash transactions by providing a digital receipt for each cash payment made. It ensures that tenants who prefer or need to pay in cash can do so securely and with peace of mind.

Moreover, for those who lean towards digital solutions, Azibo offers the flexibility of digital payments via CashApp. This option is ideal for tenants who are comfortable with online transactions and prefer the convenience and security of digital payments. CashApp payments are fast, secure, and provide an instant digital record, simplifying the rent payment process for both tenants and landlords.

By offering these innovative payment solutions, Azibo bridges the gap between traditional and modern payment methods. Tenants can choose the option that best suits their needs, while landlords can enjoy the benefits of a streamlined, secure, and efficient online rent payments and collection process.

The risks of making cash payments for rent

Paying rent in cash presents several risks that are important to note before choosing to do so:

  • First is the need for a paper trail: with an online receipt or written proof of payment, it's easy to prove that you paid your rent on time. Paying in cash means you won't have a paper trail that proves you paid rent. This can lead to misunderstandings and potential legal issues.
  • Next is the risk of theft or loss: carrying large sums of cash to pay rent makes you prone to theft or loss. Unlike electronic transactions, cash payments have a lower level of security and protection.
  • Another issue is the potential miscounting of the amount paid, which can create misunderstandings between you and the property manager.
  • A final risk is limited financial transparency because tracking rental history and missed payments is more complicated without a receipt or record.

While paying cash for rent may seem convenient, opting for more secure payment options can help protect the interests of everyone.

Benefits of paying rent digitally

Now that you've heard some of the downsides to paying your rent in cash, you might be looking for an alternative way to pay. Paying rent online is a convenient alternative to accepting rent; this approach offers several key benefits, including:


You a tenant can easily make payments from the comfort of your home without visiting your landlord's office. This eliminates the hassle of writing a money order and traveling to deposit money in cash.

Automated payments

Online rent payment platforms allow you to automate the monthly rent process by scheduling one-time or recurring payments. This guarantees that the rent is paid on time and lowers the risk of late and missed payments.

Enhanced security

Encrypted transactions, secure online platforms, and fraud protection measures protect your financial information and reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your data.

Tracking and record-keeping

Digital payment platforms maintain a payment record without the need for paper receipts and provide a clear transaction history. You can track your rent payments, and the property owner or manager can easily monitor their status.

Faster transaction processing

The processing of digital payments is much faster than paper checks, cash, or money order rental payments. Unlike these traditional methods which can take longer, digital payment processing through rent payment platforms like Azibo takes just 2-3 business days before the money appears in your landlord's account.


Online payment platforms like Azibo offer different rent payment options, including using your bank account, debit card, or credit card. This flexibility allows you to choose the best method that works for you.

Online payment methods: An overview

When it comes to online payments, different methods are available. Each method has pros and cons, but they're all generally safer and more reliable than cash.

  • Online rent payment platforms: Rental payment apps such as Azibo offer a straightforward and convenient payment method. Platforms like this maintain detailed records of each transaction and allow you to choose from flexible payment methods like bank transfer, credit card, or debit card — making managing rent payments easier and more secure.
  • Bank transfers: This approach provides a secure way of transferring funds because you can make payments with traceable transactions. A potential drawback of this method is there may be a cost associated with your bank — check with your bank to see if they charge transfer fees.
  • Credit/debit card: You can consider making rent payments using a debit or credit card for more convenience, if your landlord accepts card payments. If there are issues with the transaction, you can ask for help directly from your credit card company. The con to this method is the transaction fee, which increases your rent cost.
  • Digital wallets: When using a digital wallet, you can link your bank account for easy transactions. However, you and the property management company must have an account on the same digital wallet platform for this method to work.
  • Mobile payment apps: Mobile apps like Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, and others have become a popular way for people to transfer money and make payments. However, before paying your rent via these apps, be aware of the fees and monthly transfer limits that could cost you money or prevent payments from going through.

Compared to paying in cash, these online payment methods offer more security and convenience.

How to switch from cash payments to digital payments

So, you want to take your rent payments digital but don't know where to start. We've got you! Here's a step-by-step guide to transitioning from cash to digital payments:

Research available digital payment methods

Consider convenience, security, fees, and compatibility, then choose a method that suits your needs and aligns with your landlord's preferences.

Approach your landlord

Talk with your property manager about digital payments. Discuss your interest in switching to a more convenient and secure electronic payment method and highlight its benefits.

Address concerns

Be prepared to address your landlord's concerns regarding digital payments. If necessary, offer to assist your landlord in setting up and navigating the digital payment process.

Set up your digital payment account

Once your landlord is on board, follow the steps to set up your payment method. Consider Azibo's platform, which is free for landlords. Curious as to what the sign up process through Azibo would look like? Read on:

Setting this up for renters is quick and only takes five steps:

Step 1: Create your free Azibo account

Step 2: Review your rent terms

Step 3: Choose your payment method

Step 4: Make or schedule a rent payment

Step 5 (Optional): Set up AutoPay

You can also provide your landlord with these steps to get started collecting rent via Azibo:

Step 1: Create your free Azibo account

Step 2: Choose your Azibo services

Step 3: Add your properties and tenants

Step 4: Link your bank account

Step 5: Invite your tenants to pay rent through Azibo

Communicate account information

Share your digital payment account information with your landlord, such as your username and email address. They should clearly understand how to receive, track, and verify payments.

Test the process

Conduct a test transaction by sending a small payment to confirm that the funds are processed correctly and that you and your landlord receive confirmation notifications.

Establish a schedule

Agree on a payment schedule with your landlord. Discuss the due date of your monthly rent payment. Set up reminders to avoid late fees.

Monitor and track payments

Confirm that each amount is recorded accurately and reflected in your payment history. Keep digital records of each transaction for future reference.

Provide support

Answer any questions or concerns the property manager may have and assist if needed. This support can help build trust between you and your landlord.

By following these steps, tenants can successfully transition from cash to digital payments for rent.

Paying rent in cash: The bottom line

While many landlords and certain property managers might accept cash payments, it's crucial to weigh the associated risks. Cash transactions lack a verifiable digital trail, increasing the potential for disputes and security concerns. Moreover, the physical handling of cash presents risks of theft, loss, and accounting errors.

In today's digital age, switching to more secure and efficient digital payment methods is highly advisable. Platforms like Azibo have innovatively adapted to the changing needs of the rental market, offering versatile options such as CashApp and Chime. These modern solutions effectively address the risks associated with cash payments while providing the same, if not greater, level of flexibility and convenience.

Using Azibo’s integration with CashApp and Chime, tenants can enjoy the ease of digital transactions with the assurance of a secure, transparent, and traceable payment process. These features not only simplify the rent payment process but also enhance the overall experience for both tenants and landlords. They ensure timely payments, reduce the risk of payment disputes, and offer a streamlined approach to managing rental income and finances.

Cash rent payments FAQs:

Why are there landlords accepting cash payments?

Some landlords may prefer cash rent payments to avoid transaction fees, especially for small rental or property management business owners.

Is paying rent in cash OK?

While it is technically possible to pay rent in cash, it is not recommended because of the risks involved. A digital payment system provides greater security and a verifiable paper trail to confirm rent payments.

How do I pay my rent on Azibo using Cash App?

To pay your rent using your Cash App balance you simply need to sign up for a Cash Card, which will then allow you to receive an account and routing number connected to your Cash App balance. From there, you simply connect that account to Azibo to pay cash for your rent.

Important Note: This post is for informational and educational purposes only. It should not be taken as legal, accounting, or tax advice, nor should it be used as a substitute for such services. Always consult your own legal, accounting, or tax counsel before taking any action based on this information.

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