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How to Budget for Rental Property Expenses

Learn about the most common rental property expenses for landlords and how to prepare for and manage them effectively.
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The Landlord’s Guide to Security Deposits

Learn how landlords can use security deposits to protect their rental property investment, and key regulations to understand.
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Ed Stulak on the Biggest Mistake Landlords Make

This realtor and Instagram influencer shares advice for first-time landlords and how to be successful in real estate.
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10 Tax Deductions to Maximize Rental Property Profits

Learn how you can use landlord tax deductions to maximize profits on your real estate investment.
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Bryan Casella on Becoming a Successful Real Estate Agent and Coach

Bryan Casella shares his insights into becoming a successful real estate agent, coach, and rental property owner.
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What Are Renters Rights and Why Do They Matter?

Renters rights ensure tenants have a safe place to live, privacy, and other protections around security deposits, evictions, and rent increases. 
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Why Landlords Should Conduct Thorough Tenant Screenings

Learn 6 tenant screening tips for landlords and how this process can help you find the right tenants for your rental property.
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6 Best Practices for Raising Rent

Here are a few key considerations to help you raise rent while keeping loyal tenants happy and protecting your real estate investment. 
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Colton Lindsay on Becoming a Real Estate Business Owner

This entrepreneur shares powerful industry insights and tips on making profitable investments.
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