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The Ultimate Guide to Rental Property Accounting 2023 Edition

We've pulled everything you need to know about real estate accounting & tax prep into one convenient source for you.
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How to Research a Local Rental Market

Taking the time to learn as much about a potential property and the local rental market will help ensure it's a sound investment.
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How to Keep Tenants Happy

Keeping tenants happy is a big part of your success as a landlord and real estate investor. Learn our 8 tips for tenant satisfaction.
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Top 5 Tax Benefits of Real Estate Investing: 2023 Edition

Learn the most common tax benefits of real estate and how they can be applied to your rental property business.
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What Renters Need To Know About Security Deposits

Protect yourself as a renter by learning security deposit regulations around how much landlords can collect and when it can be withheld.
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Joshua Smith on the Most Important Lessons for Landlords

Read this inspiring interview to learn how to avoid common real estate mistakes and predictions for the industry.
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Rental Property Maintenance: What Landlords Should Know

By taking the time to conduct regular rental property maintenance, landlords will ensure their tenants are safe and their property retains value.
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How Landlords Can Maintain a Strong Property Manager Relationship

These tips on how landlords can maintain a strong property manager relationship will help keep your rental business running smoothly.
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Jenny Okhovat on the Myth of Real Estate Reality TV

If you want some fantastic tips on how to make it in the real estate industry, check out this interview with Jenny Okhovat of Compass.
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Nicole Mickle on the Importance of Realtor-Landlord Relationships

Read this interview with real estate agent Nicole Mickle of Momentum Luxury Real Estate to learn how to get started and thrive in real estate.
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