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Lauren Clugston on House Hacking Rental Properties

Learn how this husband-and-wife investing team found success in real estate.
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9 Real Estate Laws Every Landlord Should Know

While real estate laws differ by state, these key issues are relevant no matter where you own property.
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How Tenant Screening Reports Protect Your Rental Properties

Learn about tenant screening reports, how much they cost, and how they help landlords find the right renters.
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How to Minimize Tenant Turnover with Effective Rental Management

Learn how landlords can reduce the impact of rental vacancies and turnover on their bottom line by encouraging lease renewals.
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Should Landlords Accept Partial Rent Payments?

Wondering if partial rent payments make sense for your rental business? Learn the pros and cons of accepting partial rent — and how Azibo can help you navigate the process to better support tenants and protect your investments.
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What You Should Know About Real Estate Investing in 2022

Learn three real estate investing tips to help you purchase your next rental property.
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5 Tips to Increase Rental Income from Your Property

Read this guest post from Mashvisor, an industry-leading source of U.S. residential real estate data and analytics.
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How Rent Reporting Can Help Boost Your Credit Score

Learn how rent reporting can improve your credit by sharing on-time rent payments with credit bureaus.
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How Landlords Can Collect Rent Payments on Time, Every Time

Find out how rental property owners can ensure timely rent payments with these 3 tips.
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